“The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir.”  Nick Graham.

Build a client experience.

Build an experience that includes anticipation and long-lasting memories.

Nick Graham is the CEO of Fresh Happy People and Founder/Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer.  And, he’s a brilliant marketer.

These are the words from someone who clearly delivers on 3 key marketing lessons.  Here’s what we can learn from Graham.

1.   Building a unique and lasting client experience.  Small business owners tell me all the time they can’t come up with any way to differentiate themselves, and I say hogwash.  Developing and continuously building upon that client experience is the easiest way to deliver a point of differentiation and get people talking about your business.  Think about Graham’s words.  How does your brand create what someone gets from an amusement park?  How do you build that giddy anticipation someone gets from planning a trip to an amusement park?   How can you build a fond a memory into your experience for days or maybe years to come?

2. Incorporate some of your personality into your business.  At the end of the day, people want to do business with people rather than companies.  Adding an element of your personality into your business will help move prospects along the know, like and trust continuum faster.  Our friend at the underwear company teaches us to use words in our business that inherently produce a smile and a chuckle, and who doesn’t want that?  Fresh Happy People and Chief Underpants Officer–those words make me want to check it out and shop there.

3.  Go ahead and be different.  To stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to take some risk.  Sometimes that’s just some refreshingly different thinking.  Graham and his company managed to innovate in a category of clothing we traditionally covered up into something we now want to show off.  One of the biggest reasons we don’t show how we’re different is because we’re scared–we’ve got to overcome that fear.  Sometimes, the more un-businesslike you are, the more you’re loved and remembered.  When you’re a little edgy, you give people a little more to relate to.  If your title alone can strike up a conversation or produce some intrigue–you’ve got something you can play around with.

We’re all looking to work with a company with edgy thinking and someone that gives us something we can talk about and tell others.   How can you build that in your business?


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Kelly Weppler

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Kelly Weppler is a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant located in Southern California. She works with small businesses to take the Mystery Out of Marketing. She focuses on building marketing routines--routine and consistency build momentum and business growth.