Public relations does not have to be complicated, and perhaps no other PR tool is as easy to use as PitchEngine – a favorite for business owners, content marketers and PR pros alike. This platform makes it easy to construct and share your message efficiently.

First, a little background on this affordable, easy-to-use tool. PitchEngine was created as a publishing platform for the “social media release” – which all press releases should now be, by the way. The need for an evolution from press release to social release became evident as we moved into a 2.0 world several years ago. The idea of the social media release, or what PitchEngine calls a “Pitch,” is to have a single page with useful content – your news, as well as images, video, facts, quotes and tags – that is as valuable to a journalist or blogger packaging a story as it is to your customer who gets the information in a tweet or Facebook post. Therein lies the beauty of PitchEngine – anyone can be a publisher targeting the audiences that matter most to your brand with this inventive tool.

PitchEngine has gone through its own evolution since starting in 2009, adding new features and functionality. Currently, you can publish your Pitch to search engines with back links to your site. Share your message with anyone via easy-to-use social buttons or even automatically. Email to your media contacts, customers, prospects or partners with a few clicks. An RSS feed is also available. Did we mention it’s easy?

Tips for crafting a strong “Pitch”

One of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a news release or Pitch is that you are a resource – make it easy for others to care about and retell your story, and everything else falls into place. Here are a few tips we suggest for making the most of your content on PitchEngine.

1. Write an interesting headline. Steer clear of the boring in favor of attention-grabbing. Does it entice the reader to want more? If the answer is no, try again. Use a hook, draw them in.

2. Answer the “so what?” question. Craft your news or story in a way that tells your audience why they should care. Convey how your news is useful, different, fresh or interesting. Make people want to share your message. Use a quote to add some color or context to the facts of your release (this is also a good place to editorialize a bit if needed).

3. Keep the target audience in mind. This is closely related to “so what?”…if you are launching a new product, how does it make the customer’s life easier or how will they benefit? Make sure it’s relevant to your target. Put yourself in their shoes for a message that’s heavier on benefits than on features. It’s not about you, it’s about them!

4. Add a visual. This platform makes it so easy to add an image or embed a video. Use this to your advantage AND add a good caption that mentions your brand.

5. Use facts and the tweet to your advantage. Think like a journalist or blogger here. The “Twitter Pitch” is your intriguing headline. The “Quick Facts” are just that – the most important three to five points of your message. If someone reads only these elements, they should get the gist of your story and whether it is of interest to them. Make sure to add tags as well – think SEO, search terms, subject lines.

One more thing – the boilerplate, links to your brand’s website and other social media pages are set up at the brand level on PitchEngine. Set up your brand profile before creating any pitches. This is where you add your logo, company info, contact info – all the standard details.

Happy Pitching!

Salomon Wancier

About Salomon Wancier

Salomon is an accomplished, creative senior executive with a 17-year record of directing marketing initiatives. He’s worked with non-profit organizations, as well as companies ranging from start-up to national industry leaders to international corporations, managing Fortune 1000 accounts and building strong cross-functional teams. Salomon’s vision and execution-focused leadership give him the ability to deliver strategies and programs that capture customer needs and impact the bottom line. He earned an MBA from the University of Miami, is fluent in Spanish and is an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.