The Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst

The following ten sessions make up the core curriculum of the Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program delivered by a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

During each training session the consultant will conduct essential introductions and training on the material, assign action steps, facilitate discussion, and provide feedback and guidance in the completion of the steps as well as unlimited email support between sessions.

The primary objective of this program is the creation of the research and strategy necessary to easily complete and document a marketing action plan using the Duct Tape Marketing methodology.

  • Session 1 – Strategy – Discover Your Ideal Target Market
  • Session 2 – Strategy – Creating a Unique Core Message
  • Session 3 – The Marketing HourglassTM – The Total Experience
  • Session 4 – Content that Builds Trust and Educates
  • Session 5 – Creating a Total Web Presence
  • Session 6 – Advertising: A plan for guaranteed results
  • Session 7 – Referrals: The client and partner sales force
  • Session 8 – Public Relations: Building credibility and exposure
  • Session 9 – Lead Conversion: Turning leads to customers
  • Session 10 – Putting it all together and keeping score

Groups meet virtually once every other week for ten sessions. Each 1.5-hour online meeting includes 30-45 minute lesson, action step assignment, and group discussion.

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