The Marketing Twins
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Fort Worth TX 76182
682-231-1429 is the ultimate marketing site – for small business and independent business owners and for leaders of non-profit organizations!

Randy Vaughn and Donny Vaughn are the creators and authors of – we are real-life twin brothers who enjoy having a place to talk about marketing (our wives have heard enough on long drives in the car!!) We finally have an outlet for our thoughts!

Randy is the Marketing Coach & Creative Director. Randy is also the only authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach in Fort Worth, Texas. Randy loves to help others find their strategic marketing plan. In various ways, Randy has helped clients in the Lubbock area, Abilene, Austin and throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Donny is the Marketing Coach & Solutions Director. Donny loves helping new clients set up websites they can actually update themselves and also focuses on helping others learn the importance of staying in contact with their contacts using an email marketing service.

We are a faith-based creative team offering marketing solutions so you can do GREATER THINGS.

If you are in MINISTRY leadership, we can help you as well with church communication and marketing strategy:

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