Frequently business owners say that one area that really separates them from their competition is their focus on customer service.  Unfortunately, most consumers expect exceptional customer service, so it really isn’t a differentiator.  If you are going to say your customer service is what makes you different, you need to drill down and elaborate on what your ‘good’ customer service really means.

On a recent trip to Kansas City for a Duct Tape Marketing training, I experienced some excellent customer service.  I share these with you not as testimonials, but as specific examples of what good customer service can be and how it should be used as part of marketing.

When I checked into the hotel, I was told that my reservation was for 3 nights, not 4 and they were completely sold out for the 4th night.  Panic set in for a moment, but they handled it beautifully by saying they would ‘see what they could do’.  They suggested I go ahead and check in for the 3 nights and said they’d get back to me before the end of the day.  Within an hour they were knocking on my door letting me know that everything was taken care for the 4th night.  The staff ‘made it happen’…They could have said sorry, you’ll have to find another hotel for the 4th night, but instead, they fixed the problem.  This is a specific example of over the top customer service and something they should be promoting.

On the way home from Kansas City, my flight with Frontier Airlines was delayed due to mechanical problems.  We were more than an hour late departing and before we began boarding, they announced that every passenger would receive a $100 discount for their next flight.  They are striving for 100% customer satisfaction and to make it happen, they have a guarantee!  They also offered fresh baked cookies to every passenger, which were much better than the pre-packaged nuts that their competitors throw at you!

Does your business offer over the top customer service?  If so, define it.

Do you have a guarantee?  If so, make sure you talk about it.

Promote the unique elements you offer your customers…it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Debbie DeChambeau

About Debbie Dechambeau

Debbie is a Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant, National Speaker and the founder of Select Business Marketing, an organization that helps business owners with marketing. Using the Duct Tape Marketing System, Debbie helps her clients identify and implement proven marketing strategies. She conducts workshops on marketing, social media and is best known for helping clients increase business through networking and referral marketing. Prior to creating Select Business Marketing, Debbie was the regional director for BNI and Executive Managing Director for eWomenNetwork. From high school through 1997, she sold business insurance. She is still a licensed insurance agent and Certified Insurance Counselor, although she does not sell insurance anymore, only consults.