The Benefits of Joining the Duct Tape Marketing Network

The Duct Tape Marketing Network provides value through our expansive benefits, listed below, but first let me tell you the about The Daily Life of a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant here.

Tools and Certification

Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage a proven system to help you and your clients grow faster – The Duct Tape Marketing system has been installed in thousands of small to mid-sized businesses around the world.

As a member of the network you’ll gain access to the complete Duct Tape Methodology and System, including hundreds of tools, forms, templates.

You’ll have access to complete online marketing programs that you can use as you see fit with your clients. These pre-built courses contain video lessons, workbooks, action plans and forms and can be used as supplemental training for one-on-one consulting engagements or as the basis for group training engagements. (Check out the Duct Tape Marketing System as a one page plan.)

We also have 3 different managed service packages to offer to your customers. As a consultant on our team, you would work on high-level strategy with your clients and then use our partners to help implement the tactical elements – such as writing social media updates, blog posts, and newsletters.  This keeps you as the expert consultant and frees up more of your type to focus on landing more clients.

Get Certified!

– As part of your first year membership, you’ll be invited to participate in our online training certification program and/ or join John Jantsch and the rest of the Duct Tape Marketing staff for a 3-day certification training. If completed, both options acquire Duct Tape Marketing Certification and learn how to use the Duct Tape System (and included set of tools!) to grow your coaching or consulting practice and create highly profitable consulting deliverables to benefit and grow your clients. (Check out the certification training agenda here)

Want to learn more about our tools, methodology and benefits straight from the source? Sign up for a live Discovery Call to chat with John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Marketing team. Register right here to get started. 

Network Membership

As a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, you get the benefits of a team rather than forging out on this grand adventure alone.

By networking with other like-minded business owners, you will have the sounding board wisdom and idea generation that only much larger firms enjoy. In addition, you can tap the experience and expertise of network members to help you tackle every new client or tool challenge.

Members of the network frequently advise one another and often collaborate on projects, such as eBook creation. You’ll have an opportunity to work with members of this dynamic group in live in-person events as well as routine virtual training and mastermind sessions. (Meet some of the members of the network here.)

Kevin JordanDuct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Member Kevin Jordan shared that “there is no doubt in my mind that I would not still be in business if I had not found a meaningful way to distinguish myself from my competitors. I would have continued lowering my prices in an effort to compete with college interns and offshore freelancers who were practically giving away their services for free, and I would have eventually gone broke and given up.” Kevin is now a successful consultant and joining the network has a huge impact on this outcome. Ready more of Kevin’s story here.

Events and Networking

Built around the idea that every business owner needs time to work on their business not in it, we’ve pulled together thought leaders in small business, marketing and consulting to help guide your journey.

As a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, you’ll receive frequent opportunities to learn from the leading minds in online and offline marketing.

Your membership includes total access to our Annual Summit, featuring training from elite marketing professionals such as Michael Port, Sally Hogshead and Brian Clark, as well as specific skilled practitioners in areas such as SEO, Social Media and PPC advertising.

In addition, the network hosts two “Unconferences” each year. These unscripted events present the perfect opportunity for getting away from your business in order to do your own strategic thinking and planning. (Check out a sample line-up of the ongoing webinar series.)


We know that building a marketing system and then implementing it on behalf of your clients can be a constant struggle. That’s why we’ve partnered with top service providers to give you access to the people who can help you get the work done. Think copywriters, designers, programmers and SEO experts.

If your client needs a website overhaul (and they all do) there’s a good chance we can pair you with a designer or programmer that “gets” the Duct Tape way. Maybe your client has finally bought into the fact that they need to produce more content, but doesn’t want to write it. There’s a good chance you can find journalists in our partner network that would love to tackle that for your client. (Do you offer a service that marketing consultants need? Submit your business to our Partners Program – a number of the consultants in the network provide services to other consultants.)


By approaching tool and resource providers as a network, we are able to pass on discounts, special offers and elevated affiliate opportunities to help create additional revenue streams for things like CRM tools, web hosting, email service providers, and social media marketing platforms.

We’re building a collection of tools that you may already know and trust, but now you can use them in your practice or to benefit your clients at a discount. Tools like Emphatic, getFivestars, RivalIQ and UpCity. (Submit your business to our Perks Program.)

If you are interesting in learning about how to become a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Network and a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, please join us for a live Discovery Session where we share full details.