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 We’ve developed the tools and systems to allow you to effectively provide marketing consulting to small business owners

Over the past decade, consulting small business has become a billion-dollar industry. Duct Tape Marketing is taking a unique collaborative consulting concept to a new level with the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultant Network.

The Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultant program allows business owners to create and build their very own marketing consulting business with the backing of a nationally known brand, proven tools and network of like-minded consultants around the world.

Duct Tape Marketing is a brand that people already, know, like and trust

Whether you are already operating your own coaching or consulting business you need real, marketable, branded systems and programs to grow your business.

And that’s exactly what the Duct Tape Marketing licensee program gives you.  From the minute you’re accepted as a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant your education begins.  You’re going to receive world-class training, education and a support program that will provide you with everything you need to run your very own consulting practice.

The Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consulting License Gives You:

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  • License to use the Duct Tape Marketing name and brand
  • License to sell and install Duct Tape Marketing programs and systems
  • License to use the Duct Tape Marketing system to work with clients
  • One on one and ongoing training in the use the Duct Tape Marketing system
  • Complete lead generation training, support and leads
  • Participation in the Duct Tape Marketing network of consultants
  • Access to new products, services and marketing opportunities

Your Training and Support Never Stops …

Together, we will determine if the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant opportunity is a good fit for both parties.  Once you’re accepted into the program the process begins and you will receive:

  • Jumpstart Training to fast track your success
  • 3.5 Intensive training resulting in an Authorized Consultant status
  • 20-week one-one-one Fast Tac Personal Mentoring Program to ensure your success
  • Weekly training calls to help you build and improve your practice
  • Duct Tape Marketing banner images, icons, and other graphics to use in your marketing material
  • White Papers and special reports created by John Jantsch to use as lead generators
  • Ongoing support

Bottom Line:  The Five Reasons to Join the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

Below are the five most important reasons why we think it makes sense for an independent marketing professional to consider a network like ours vs. going it alone.

If you’ve read anything here that strikes a chord in terms of your goals and experience, please take a minute to sign up for a live Discovery Session with John Jantsch as the next step in the process of getting to know us.

1) Leverage a recognized brand

Let’s face it, building a real brand takes time and lots of momentum. Most independent business owners are successful at building a brand in the mind of their existing customers, but building something that has true name recognition beyond that is a rare feat.

Duct Tape Marketing is quite likely the most recognized small business marketing brand in existence today and offers you the opportunity to add and leverage the trust Duct Tape Marketing clients, partners and readers have already extended.

The Duct Tape Brand currently partners with the likes of American Express, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Microsoft, SAP and UPS. Forbes magazine called Duct Tape Marketing their favorite for small business marketing.

The Duct Tape name, relationships and best selling books open doors and create leads for the entire network as a whole and individually.

2) Proven marketing system and processes

In order to work effectively, efficiently and profitably with small business owners we had to create a systematic approach built on proven practices and processes.

While much of what we preach and practice could fall into the category of common marketing knowledge, it’s the package, documentation and real-life testing that makes the Duct Tape Marketing system, programs and tools so valuable.

Many of our consultants are initially drawn to the fact that we have documented many of the tactics they instinctively used, but are amazed at the power of the refined and proprietary tools we’ve developed to make delivering marketing consulting easier and ultimately more profitable.

3) Collaborative consulting methodology

Since the formation of the Duct Tape Network, we’ve wrestled with the term consultant vs. coach. The challenge in describing what we do is that we believe our approach is so unique that no single term does it justice.

We realized that the one way to create a profitable, yet affordable, approach was to create a system that could be replicated regardless of industry and installed through a methodology that might resemble some coaching models.

However, we also realized that we needed to equip business owners with the tools, training and tactics that could allow them to achieve the greatest results.

The ultimate approach lies somewhere in the middle and we call that “collaborative consulting” – we don’t do it for you, we do it with you.

This methodology allows us to provide a message and system that small business owners welcome and appreciate. The job of selling your services turns into the simple act of explaining what the system entails, what they can expect and what it costs – no one else has taken this approach with small business and they love it.

4) We help you build your business

We’ve learned a thing or two about how to attract small business owners to the Duct Tape Marketing system and we pass everything we’ve built directly to the members of the network.

Our training is unparalleled. We initiate training and business building the minute you decide to join us, kick off your practice with a 4-day Intensive Training and partner you with a mentor consultant for 5 months to work 1 on 1, getting you in the money fast.

5) You’re part of an international team

One of the least appreciated benefits of joining our network (until you experience it first hand) is the fact that you are joining an organization with hundreds of years of marketing experience collectively and industry specific experience individually.

The members of the network share, engage, and mastermind in ways that could never be experienced as a solo act.

The Duct Tape Marketing brand attracts the interest of organizations that offer you and your clients special opportunities to use the best of class marketing tools and services, such as email marketing, CRM and SEO services, at greatly reduced prices.

In many cases, these partners offer excellent opportunities for our consultants to generate additional residual income as well.

Take The Next Step to Become a Part of the World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Consulting Network

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