Our consultants come from a wide and varied background and are located throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, South American and the Middle East. Check out our Consultant Directory for a complete list.

Below you can hear and read a few comments that reflect how a few of our consultants feel about being a part of the Duct Tape Consulting Network. These videos are very simple, unscripted, turn on the camera and share your story about why you joined the network but should give a feel for some of the most common benefits as expressed by our consultants

Kelly Weppler is a consultant with WH & Associates in Orange County, CA

David Smith is a consultant with Valens Point in Boise, ID

Debra Mendes – Valens Point - Reston, VA

“When we started Valens Point we recognized the need to have  repeatable offerings based  on a proven approach. Joining the Duct Tape Marketing network allowed us to immediately build our consulting business without having to “reinvent the wheel” wasting time and resources. The benefits are even greater ongoing. We view Duct Tape Marketing as our Product Development partner. We continually receive improvements and new solutions that we can build into our offerings. This along with the shared knowledge and experience of the Consulting Network, allow us to improve our business and ultimately deliver higher quality services to our customers which gives us the “word of mouth” fuel to grow our business.”

Tom Kunkel – Full House Marketing - Bel Air, MD

“I have been a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant for about 18 months and it has been a huge asset personally as well as professionally.

I own a print, sign and graphics, embroidery & screen printing and web marketing company that I have been running for over 7 years. While I have been working with clients for years helping them with their marketing, I never felt I had a method of working with them on more of a consulting basis, versus just on a product basis. I had been putting together some of my own materials and trying to create a ‘program’ on my own.

Once I found Duct Tape Marketing, I virtually threw all of my old materials away and started using the Duct Tape materials. We have incorporated the Duct Tape materials into all of our offerings and have been training our staff on the terminology so we can use it in presentations and materials. All of the Duct Tape materials are well designed, look professional and are easy to understand and present.

John Jantsch and the staff have been excellent in regards to support and creating a culture and cohesiveness among the consultants. Suggestions are always welcome and the consultants are always providing ideas for the group. I have been involved in multi-national franchises that provide far less support and value. For the investment it is well worth it. The initial intensive raining, the follow-up, weekly calls, ongoing training, yearly conventions, Facebook page, and resources available through Duct Tape University, we have all we need as consultants to provide excellent services to our clients.”

Jennifer Metituk – My Marketing Matters - Grande Prairie, AB Canada

“I kind of feel like Duct Tape Marketing chose me, once I was exposed to it I ran into it everywhere. The message of Duct Tape Marketing just resonated with me as a business owner and I wanted to find a way to bring that to other business owners. While I felt like I had a decent level of credibility in my market, it’s given me a new level of credibility, not only for me, but for the services I offer. There are more tools and resources available through this system than you will ever need, but you’ve got to have a plan and be serious about your business – if you do that, you’ll make a success of it.”

Rosie Taylor is a consultant with Rosie Media in Davie, FL

Patrick Giammarco is a consultant with PWG Marketing in Perrysburg, OH

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