Do you schedule marketing appointments with yourself?  Most business owners don’t…

But what if you started making daily (or at least weekly) marketing appointments? At the end of six months, all of a sudden, you’ve built an entire system (or at least have all the pieces) that can actually build purposeful marketing momentum rather than  focusing your attention on whatever wheel squeaks the loudest.

Watch the short (2:01) video below to find out what I believe to be the most powerful marketing tool ever!


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Patrick Giammarco

About Patrick Giammarco

I'm a marketing consultant and digital technology and Social Media coach. I am also the owner of PWG Marketing. As northwest Ohio’s only Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I bring focus, control, clarity and confidence to small business marketing by installing the Duct Tape Marketing System. Visit or email me at to schedule your complimentary Signature Brand Audit.