5 Tips for Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy for Facebook’s News Feed Changes

photo credit: Facebook Favourites Menu via photopin (license)

Facebook has recently made some tweaks to its newsfeed in a way that has impacted a lot of businesses that have been using it as a channel for marketing and customer engagement. If you own a small business, it’s imperative for you to know how these recent changes might affect your business and how you can adjust your social media habits to the changing environment.

How has the Facebook news feed changed? How does this affect you?

Facebook’s newsfeed update is a move to ban promotional posts and posts with strong marketing voice from appearing in the newsfeeds of the users. If Facebook feels any of your posts does not carry value in terms of relevant information, they can remove it from the newsfeed.

While Facebook is promoting this as their effort to improve user experience, experts believe this change is among the social giants game plan to push marketers towards paid advertising.

Evidently, small businesses could take the hit since they primarily rely on the newsfeed to leverage their presence on Facebook to send their message across.

What should you do about it?

If your Facebook strategy includes promotional messages, it is time to re-think your strategy. As the first step, you should start sharing posts that are rich in information, can interest the readers, and can encourage engagement and conversation. To sum it all, you should share posts that, in some way, add a certain amount of value to the reader be it through informing, educating, or entertaining.

Here are some more ideas for you to manage your Facebook strategy for the coming year:

1. Start Using Multiple Social Channels

This is the right time to explore other social media sites that you haven’t used yet. For, instance, you could try increasing your following using catchy visuals on Pinterest or Instagram. Moreover, if you post pictures and videos on sites such as YouTube or Instagram, you can simply post the links to your Facebook page to capture the attention of your audience.

2. Create Unique Content Related to Trending Topics

This is a great way to generate more interest among readers. Not only this, it also helps promote your business in a clean way, eliminating the risk of being banned as spam.

3. Manage Your Social Media Posts Effectively

With Facebook releasing its set of tools for marketers, you can discover new tools that will help you to structure your posts better.

4. Keep Audiences Informed

Apart from informing your audiences about your new product launches and information on how to order your products, or seek your services, you could give them a bigger picture of what you do and how you do them. Today’s audiences want to be involved intimately with the brands they wish to be associated with. So, keep them informed about your latest ventures, social causes you’ve been supporting, your work environment etc.

5. Respond to the Feedback

When your audiences like, share or comment, they do so with the intent of letting you know they are liking your posts or they would like to see something better (in case of comments.) Keep some time aside to respond to their feedback and they will feel valued.

With these tips you can keep your Facebook presence effective while abiding by the new set of rules that the social media giant has enforced. As the changes start showing results, you must adopt necessary strategies to reap the benefits of this social marketing channel. And, now is the perfect time to do so.

What do you think about the latest Facebook changes? What steps are you taking to handle these Facebook news feed changes?

30053e2Steve Myring is owner and CEO of Molchester Digital Marketing Agency.