Press releases have always been a great way to get media attention for your business.  Today that has not changed, but the way you get attention has more to do with the content and how it’s distributed. Understaffed newsrooms and shrinking news staff need a little help getting connected with your good stories.  In the crowded world of information, it’s easy for your story to get swallowed up. Here are three keys to getting some well deserved attention for your  press releases.


It needs to be timely and have some relevance to your industry, a trend. This doesn’t mean that you spin a story, but you do try to find the essence of your press release that is interesting in the context of what’s going on in your community.  It can connect something local to a larger story and making that connection is something journalists love to see.  These help with follow up stories to a national news stories.  For example, your new website is not timely, but your new online support system may tie into a larger story about companies who are using social media to monitor customer support issues.


It needs to be something a journalist/blogger wants to share  and more importantly connect with the journalist’s audience.  The best way to know if your story is relevant is to monitor and engage reporters and bloggers on a regular basis, not just when you want to pitch a story.  It’s key to build that relationship with the writers who influence your industry so that you become a trusted resource or an expert to help develop an article.


Use video, photos and optimize your copy to make sharing easy and effective.  Posting your press releases online on distribution websites is a super effective way to make them social and boost Search Engine Optimization for your story.

Having a great story to tell about your business is a wonderful thing.  Telling the world about it starts with building relationships with journalists and bloggers so they can identify your good story apart from all the noise.  The media can be your best advocate when you do it with authenticity in the shared goal of sharing a great story.

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About Rosie Taylor

Rosie Taylor is a marketing consultant specializing in working with small businesses, and a digital public relations practitioner with extensive experience as a webmaster. She has highly developed technical skills and an education in graphic design combined with a passion is for writing and teaching. With this diversity of experience and education she can help clients create sound business decisions that are innovative. Her love for writing has become a very valuable asset for content marketing and she is fascinated by the magnitude of communication made possible by Internet Technology and Social Media. Rosie has professional speaking and training experience especially on topics of technology, marketing and social media. She holds a CIW designation (Certified Internet Webmaster) and recently received a Certificate in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. Rosie has a Bachelor's Degree in Business & Information Systems where she focused on Marketing. In 2011, she completed training to become an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Personally speaking she is a tame adventurist. She will take risks to follow her dreams, but always remembers to wear a helmet and have a Plan B on hand. She met the love of her life who was in Australia at the time and now they are happily married in the US. But that's a story for another time...