Time-Saving Hacks for Your Small Business

Today’s Guest Post is by Madison Aki – Enjoy!

Small business owners seem to have about as much extra time as Scrat the Squirrel before the world froze over. Their home lives are scarcely separate from their business lives, and things can get a little messy. If you can relate and are looking for some time-saving hacks for your small business, then it’s your lucky day.

Daily Goal Setting

I find that all my best ideas hit me square in the noggin while I’m driving, showering, or half-sleeping. Okay, rarely with that last one, but when this happens, and I don’t have a pen handy, I’m glad I’m bff’s with Siri. Whether it’s your phone or good old fashioned pen and paper, write down your daily goals for the day. List your priorities in order from greatest to least, and you’ll have ammunition to start the day.

Photo at morgueFile
Photo at morgueFile

What’s App?

How great is it that there is an app for everything these days? Great for you and your time-saving needs, not so great for that self-acclaimed entrepreneur in your Business course five years ago (chances are his/her app idea is already in the works by a ten-year-old genius). Here’s a list to glance over that may help get you out of the office by 6 pm on Friday night:
Asana: scheduling app that helps you delegate tasks to team members
Shyp: shipping app that allows you to snap a picture of what you need to ship and someone will come by and take care of it for you
Brewster: an app that sorts all of your contacts and updates current contact information
Zirtual: a little personal assistant app. Siri can only do so much…
Pocket: an app that lets you save an article or other content to read later.


Let me guess. The last time you asked for help was 20 years ago when you were too young to read the answers on the bottom of the cereal box. Understandably so, most small business owners are independent to the point where help seems unnecessary, but don’t let it become a fault. If you really want to save time, don’t let your ego get in the way of asking for help from people who can cut out some of the fluff for you.

Outsource What’s Necessary

While delegating is step one to saving time, outsourcing is numero dos. What, you’re telling me that you live in the age of the tech boom, and you don’t know how to write a website?! You’re a menace to society! No, you’re not, but you are if you try to learn code and build one overnight. Outsource things like this to save training, interview, and hiring time. Just make sure you know how to communicate with your outsource-ee…nothing’s worse than a language barrier, no matter how inexpensive their services are.

Schedules Are Your Friend

Oh great, you’ve got three meetings today and extra time for diddly squat. Stick to your schedule and if a meeting is running long, end it! Lord knows your group could go on and on about how you DON’T need a dress code, but please do not let meetings run your life. Be effective, stick to the addendum, and more importantly stick to your schedule. You’ll save a lot of time in doing so.

Utilize The Online Hangout

You’re out on business and have got some down time before you meet that potential client. Or better yet, you’re working from home today and want to be as effective as possible. Hop on to your Gmail and get a Google Hangout going. This beautiful invention allows you to meet with the entire marketing team, instead of just one person over the phone.

Become A Speed Reader

Wouldn’t it be great if you could speed-read through a case study and use the main points to better your business? To become a good speed reader, all you’ve got to do is practice. The amount of time you’ll save reading through documents will be a game-changer.

After reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if your motivation meter just detonated the room. In all seriousness, use these tips to give yourself and business little more time to focus on other important aspects. Now go and continue to change the world, Superhuman!

Madison AkiMadison is a Community Relations Specialist at Cougar Mountain Software, an accounting software company helping out small businesses. She majored in Business at BYU-Idaho and enjoys running, sewing, marketing, and fashion illustration.

4 Types Of Remote Contractors To Avoid Hiring At All Costs

Today’s guest post is from Sarah E. Brown– Enjoy! 

photo credit:  / 123RF Stock Photo
photo credit: / 123RF Stock Photo

Remote contractors can be a fantastic resource for your small business. Independent of your geographical location, remote talent can offer specialized help and services your business needs. They can help you grow your company and reach your goals in ways you simply couldn’t on your own or with an outsourced agency. But the wrong remote contractors can be a serious waste of your time, energy and money, and can dilute the reputation of your brand. Here’s a guide to the four types of remote contractors to avoid hiring at all costs.

The “Bad Attitude” Remote Contractor.

When you bring on a remote contractor, you won’t engage with him or her in the same way you would in the office, which is why hiring a contractor who’s got a great attitude is even more important. In addition to performance and results, it’s imperative to work with people who will treat you and your business with respect. Don’t accept anything less.

The “Radio Silent” Remote Contractor.

It’s 10am on a Monday–do you know how well the project your contractor is working on is doing? For example, can you find out within 1-2 business days exactly how your AdWords campaign is performing? There’s nothing worse than needing an update on a project and getting only radio silence in return. The right contractor will communicate regularly and keep you in the loop–no exceptions.

The “Black Box” Contractor.

Your contractor should ideally be delivering massive value to you and your business–value that s/he should be able to readily quantify and discuss with you. You should run, not walk, if a contractor balks at inquiries for explanation of value. You should be able to know not only what your contractor is actually doing, but also know how it’s actually helping your business.

The “Barely Available” Remote Contractor.

If your contractor won’t commit to agreed upon deadlines, or it takes weeks before work actually gets done (if at all), s/he is not a good fit for your business. Successful marketing requires time and regular account maintenance. Momentum is crucial. Hire someone who is dedicated, committed to getting results for your business.

In the comments, tell us about a time you hired a remote contractor and how it worked out.

Sara E. BrownSarah E. Brown is a digital marketer at PPCPath in Boulder, CO. PPCPath is the most cost-effective way to get better-performing AdWords campaigns. Follow @PPCPath on Twitter or visit http://www.ppcpath.com.


Public Relations (Earned Media)

photo credit: Blue_Yeti_0015 via photopin (license)

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your business isn’t either; it takes some conditioning and active outreach to create awareness for your brand and your clients as well. We believe to be successful we must constantly be learning and expanding. It is in that spirit that Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network holds exclusive bi-weekly training calls to give our consultants opportunities to learn from thought leaders in small business, marketing and consulting as a benefit of being part of the network.

This week, we are examining the different aspects and importance of public relations, or better named “earned media.” We are joined by Kathi Kruse, of Kruse Control Inc. and author of the leading automotive social media blog in the U.S. and Canada, and later by David Smith of Valens Point, LLC, a marketing organization that develops strategies for services-based small business owners. In particular, Smith provides DTM consultants with access to Outmarket Marketing Suite for volumizing public relations efforts.

During the call, we discussed the seven steps for small business public relations:

  • Build your list.
  • Match your message.
  • Pitch relevant stories.
  • Guest write and contribute.
  • Conduct influencer outreach.
  • Build speaking opportunities.
  • Consistently release content.

We would love to have you as part of our team!  Interested in learning more about the bi-weekly training calls and the rest of the benefits of joining the Network?  Click here to sign up for our next Discovery Call.