You Don’t Have to Take Our Word For It…

Our consultants have lots of great things to say about joining the Network as well. Read them all below, or check out their video testimonials here.

Dan-Kraus“The best benefit of being part of the network is being part of something bigger: Being able to get advice from other consultants, and having John lead the way with new technologies and systems. The association with Duct Tape Marketing gives me more time to work in my business and do things to help grow and establish culture and rhythm instead of building tools.”- Dan Kraus, Leading Results

georgie_gallagher_bw“The Duct Tape Consulting Network has opened up an international community of like-minded consultants to my business. I have been consulting for over 15 years, but with all the changes in the world of marketing I needed to be sure that I was still adding value for my clients. My clients now benefit from the latest tools, know-how and cumulative experience of this great group of people.

Being a part of the Network has given me confidence that I am continuing to offer value, and so much more. The future is very exciting.”- Georgie Gallagher, Wild Moon

Varju Luceno“Being a part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultants’ network has helped me stay current and relevant. I have access to a vibrant group of professionals who support each other. We share and sharpen each other’s knowledge, experiences and tools.”- Varju Luceno, eRead Marketing
Kevin Jordan“Being a part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network isn’t just a part of my business – it IS my business. Building my business around the Duct Tape Marketing brand has given me the edge I need to be different and competitive in an overcrowded landscape of small business marketing ‘consultants. Being associated with the network has opened doors for me that would have otherwise remained closed and has given me the authority and credibility to make people stand up and take notice.”- Kevin Jordan, Redpoint Marketing Consultants
David-Gomez“I joined the DTM network in 2009 and since the first time it was ‘love at first sight’. Finding a leader and a team so committed to help small businesses was exactly what I was looking for. As years are passing by, I am more than convinced of the value of being part of something bigger.Having the tools and guidance is what makes the difference between being just another solopreneur consultant in the world, and being an always-updated part-of-a-team marketing consultant that is going to make a change, one business at a time.”- David Gómez, Bien Pensado
Jean Hanson“After spending too much time trying to develop a marketing program for my members, I finally decided that it was time I stop trying to reinvent the wheel and teach the system that I know works. And the best part of joining the network is the relationships I’m building with the other consultants – invaluable.”- Jean Hanson, Marketing Systems By Design
Susan Spaulding“Duct Tape Marketing provides great tools, templates and resources for navigating today’s marketing demands. Though designed for small business, the Duct Tape Marketing system works for all business.Fundamental to its success is the concept of strategy before tactics, starting with targeting the “ideal” customer and uncovering the core differentiation and benefit that resonates with the market. By using the Duct Tape Marketing System as a foundation, business growth is accelerated.”- Susan Spaulding, Recalibrate Strategies

Patrick Whalen“The Duct Tape Marketing training workshop provides you with incredible value. You will learn first hand how to provide real value for your clients with a thorough marketing system that is adaptable to all industry categories.

The training and the system are practical, useful and cutting edge. John and his team genuinely care and are there to help you and your business succeed. I highly recommend this program for anyone that is considering it. It will be one the best business decisions you have made.”- Patrick Whalen, Extension Marketing

Judy Habel“Being part of this community has been extremely helpful to my business. When I have a question, there is always somebody in the network willing to share ideas and know-how.

The greatest value to me has been the in-person events, such as the Annual Summit and the Unconference. It’s also great to have access to John Jantsch and his team. They work hard every day to make the network better.” – Judy Habel, Crywolf Marketing

philipsingleton“There are so many advantages to joining the network that it’s hard to pick just one. The chief benefit, however, is the return on investment. This year is going to be my biggest year ever, and the network is going to play a big role in making this happen.”- Phil Singleton, Kansas City SEO
Randy-Vaughn“My consulting business has been shaped by the principles of Duct Tape Marketing and I’m certain they’ve propelled me to the kind of revenue I would have likely never made on my own. John’s generous teaching, training and equipping gives me the tools to be at the forefront of what’s going on in marketing today. In addition, I can count on my fellow consultants from around the world to give me insights, share resources and answer questions I have about clients or even about making my own consulting practice more effective.”- Randy Vaughn, Marketing Twins

David Smith“The straightforward and practical aspects of the System and associated assets helped our business advance the revenue goals of our clients. That has been and continues to be, the ultimate measure of success. The philosophy of marketing as a system allows Valens Point to clearly distinguish itself from others in the market, and as our company has grown and advanced, so has the Duct Tape Marketing system.

The addition of new processes, tools, and partners allows us to continue to enhance the value we provide our clients. I look forward to a long and rewarding association with the entire network.”- David Smith, Valens Point

Mark Fortune“I joined the Duct Tape Network to have access to the Duct Tape System. It echos precisely what I believe small business owners need. BUT, the best surprise in being part of the Network is the Network – the other consultants I’ve met, partnered with and now am writing books with.

Not only are we all in the same boat and can share and learn from each others’ experience and expertise, but we also directly help each other build our businesses through partnerships. I’d do it again in a second just for the relationships!”- Mark Fortune, Fortune Marketing

Justin Sturges“The Duct Tape Marketing Network has been an amazing resource for ideas, training and personal coaching. If there is something I need to know, there is always someone in the network willing to reach out and help online or over the phone. This not only helps me but my clients’ success directly. The network is one of my most valuable business assets.”- Justin Sturges, Systemadik

tom_pic“As a marketing consultant, I felt like I was doing a good job with my clients but felt that something was missing. I knew that in order to grow my business I needed to add more value to my clients, and I needed a process for delivering marketing services to my clients. That is exactly what I found with Duct Tape Marketing.

I would recommend the Duct Tape Marketing network to anyone new to the consulting business or to someone looking to take their practice to the next level. Like a franchise, the network provides resources, support, and constant information. But unlike a franchise, members can grow their business as they wish, and to reap the benefits of their hard work without restriction. By far one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”- Tom Kunkel, Full House Marketing and Print

Kelly-Weppler“The biggest benefit of being part of the Network is having access to this peer network of other marketing consultants. While we all operate our businesses differently, it allows us to collaborate on testing tools and determine what has value and what doesn’t. There is so much vying for my attention and I find this group helps me make some decisions on those things and saves hours and hours of time for me.”- Kelly Weppler, WH & Associates

ken tucker“I was drawn to the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network for a couple of reasons. First, I was drawn to being able to offer a complete marketing system to my clients. Second, I really like coaching my clients. The Duct Tape Marketing System provides me with great online coaching and mentoring tools, and a real way to differentiate myself with them. These together allow be to add so much value to my clients.

The real and unexpected bonus was the community that is the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network. It’s nice to have a community to refer to and to bounce ideas off of!”- Ken Tucker, Changescape Web

Brad-Tornberg“When I first joined the network it was to introduce to my clients a system for building out their marketing. I never realized how little I knew and over the last few years the network has taken me from behind the curve to ahead of it. John and his staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help out and the connections are worth the investment made all by itself.

My own marketing has benefited from the lessons of the network, and the summits and workshops are always teaching us something new. There seems to be a real interest in making things better all the time and adding value to each of our own businesses. I highly recommend the network for anyone looking to build their own business with a highly reputable and known organization with great people who all have tremendous skills.” – Brad Tornberg, Market Simplicity

David-DeVelder“The network is my filter to the massive stream of marketing information coming from the internet. It provides me with access to exceptional tools, introduces me to industry leaders and leads me to tactics for success as a marketing consultant.” – David DeVelder, FasTrac Revenue
Shawn Russell“Duct Tape Marketing has been a great way for me to transition from a 20- year career in traditional advertising to inbound marketing. Not only have I been able to build a strong foundation with these new concepts, but I’ve been provided with real tools to help clients improve their businesses. It has renewed my faith in an industry that had lost its way and made marketing and advertising fun again.” – Shawn Russell, Owner, Red Star Marketing
 If you are interested in learning about how to become a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Network and a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, please join us for a live Discovery Session where we share full details.