Beautiful woman reading an amazing book and smilingAll small business owners have a story to tell.  The reason they decided to invest time and money and launch a company.  Most think their story stinks.  That people won’t care to hear it.  I’m here to tell you to Flip Your Script!  You may think your product is awesome and high quality.  But let’s get real.  Who doesn’t think their product is awesome? Who would waste their time selling a low quality product?  So how are you different?  It isn’t the high quality awesomeness that your website is talking about.  It’s your story.

Consumers have a myriad of choices out there in the big blue world.  We have millions of websites and access to thousands of opinions from reviews and industry bloggers.  So how does your business stand out?  By being different.  One surefire way to show that difference: tell your story.

Think about those early days in your business.  What brought you to your profession?  What obstacles did you overcome to get where you are now?  Where are you headed with your business?  Your customers want to know.  They want to see you as the person behind the company. People can relate to people not brands and cheesy marketing.  Your story is the secret sauce that makes your business interesting and different.

Are you the baker who started out sweeping the floor in the bakery when your grandfather owned it?  Did you see a problem and then invent the solution in your kitchen?  Remember those two guys who invented a little computer named “Apple”?

The story behind the company communicates what’s different and special about your product or service.  It gives people a more compelling reason to stay interested and want to learn more about what you do.  It starts the conversation and then keeps it going.  So if you think that you don’t have a story, think again.  Your story is there in those first months waiting to be told and shared with your customers.  It what sets your small business apart from all those big brands and flips your script!

My story:

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.  During the twists and turns in my own career, I did plenty of training and presentations for all sorts of audiences from large corporate settings to government and non-profit.  I’ve also owned a few businesses myself along the way. After my experience helping organizations gain some visibility using marketing and public relations, I saw a bigger need for small businesses to take advantage of these same techniques. I partnered with Duct Tape Marketing so I can deliver a proven marketing system that’s practical and effective.

So here I am all these years later still teaching. What’s different now?  This time it’s for small business owners instead of some stuffed animals propped up in my room. What’s the same? I’m still having fun!

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About Rosie Taylor

Rosie Taylor is a marketing consultant specializing in working with small businesses, and a digital public relations practitioner with extensive experience as a webmaster. She has highly developed technical skills and an education in graphic design combined with a passion is for writing and teaching. With this diversity of experience and education she can help clients create sound business decisions that are innovative. Her love for writing has become a very valuable asset for content marketing and she is fascinated by the magnitude of communication made possible by Internet Technology and Social Media. Rosie has professional speaking and training experience especially on topics of technology, marketing and social media. She holds a CIW designation (Certified Internet Webmaster) and recently received a Certificate in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. Rosie has a Bachelor's Degree in Business & Information Systems where she focused on Marketing. In 2011, she completed training to become an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Personally speaking she is a tame adventurist. She will take risks to follow her dreams, but always remembers to wear a helmet and have a Plan B on hand. She met the love of her life who was in Australia at the time and now they are happily married in the US. But that's a story for another time...