Small business marketing consulting - Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

Increase the size and scope of every engagement

Offering a complete marketing system allows your practice to move away from short term project work, and create larger engagements with control of the total marketing spend and results.

Move to consistent monthly retainer billing

With access to tools and streamlined processes for implementing client work you can focus on creating more long-term retainer engagements and consistent profit.

Dramatically improve client retention

The Duct Tape Marketing System is built on repeatable services that allow you to deliver value month after month with documentable results.

Learn how partnering with Duct Tape Marketing can help you take your practice to the next level

The Duct Tape Marketing Partner Network provides you with the tools, training, and resources you need to attract more clients and grow your practice.

Dan Kraus

 Dan Kraus 

"I really am grateful for the network of really smart marketers - probably more than anything else I have ever come across in my professional life. I could not have built my business and my expertise without it. I am always wanting it to be better, faster, stronger - and I want to help do that anyway I can.

The members of the network, both past and present, have been an endless source of advice, inspiration, collaboration and friendship.  I’m not sure you anticipated the magic you would create when you started this group so many years ago, but thank you for doing so."

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