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3 SEO Tools We Use with Every Client

3 SEO Tools We Use with Every Client

By John Jantsch

A great SEO strategy has a lot of moving parts. In order to stay on top of SEO for all of your clients, it helps to have a set of tools that you can utilize. At Duct Tape Marketing, we have a handful of tools that we use for each and every client.

These tools help us cover all of our SEO bases. From competitive research to backlinks to call tracking, these tools have got you covered. Here’s a look at our three favorite tools, and why we turn to them again and again.


SEMrush is one of our partners, and we rely on them for a wide range of SEO-related features and services. Their platform has dozens of tools, and their clear reporting and the all-in-one nature of the platform makes it a favorite of mine when working with our clients.

Are you undertaking keyword research to find better terms for your organic content and PPC campaigns? SEMrush can do that. Are you looking for competitive research to help you find new backlink opportunities for your client? SEMrush can help there, too. Do you want to understand your CPC rate, broken down by regions and niches? Yup, SEMrush can do that. Did you just acquire a new client who could use a comprehensive SEO audit of their existing site? Also a job for SEMrush.

See what I mean? When I say they’ve got just about every tool you could need or want for SEO, I’m not kidding! You’ll still want to incorporate Google’s tools, like the Google Search Console, in your overall strategy for monitoring SEO. But SEMrush allows you to quickly toggle between different clients and run reports and tests for everyone all in one place. Google Search Console, on the other hand, must be linked up to each individual client’s website.


When businesses think about SEO, they sometimes forget about how a strong SEO strategy relates to the offline world. But for many small and local businesses, the phone is still the first point of person-to-person interaction between a prospect and your team, so it’s important to be tracking calls and understanding where phone traffic is coming from.

That’s where CallRail comes in. Their system allows you to easily track where calls are coming from. You can establish different tracking phone numbers that are associated with various ad campaigns. This allows you to understand exactly which Facebook ad, banner display, or paid search post led that prospect to pick up the phone and give your client a call. They apply that same tracking technology to form submissions, so that you can also see which marketing channels are generating form submissions.

This technology is incredibly useful to you as you continue to tweak and optimize your marketing efforts for each client. Understanding which ads and tactics generated the greatest response, allows you to lean into those efforts for future campaigns. If there’s one channel or ad that’s not getting any attention, you can revamp it so that it performs better going forward.

Plus, tracking calls and form submissions allows you to demonstrate value to your clients. When they can see exactly which ads and marketing tactics are generating results, they can put an actual dollar amount on the revenue that you help them generate.


Local businesses have unique needs when it comes to SEO. BrightLocal understands that and can help you undertake various local SEO tasks.

I find their citation building tool to be particularly helpful. For local businesses, having a presence on local directories, websites, and social media platforms is essential. It’s how they get their name out there with their relevant local audience.

BrightLocal’s service provides access to thousands of directories and map listings around the world. And they’re well-equipped to help all businesses, whether they’re individual local stores or are part of a multi-location brand but want their neighborhood stores to be listed locally.

Reputation management is another huge component of local SEO. If your clients are lacking a strategy for soliciting reviews, responding to positive feedback, and managing negative reviews, now’s the time to get them started. BrightLocal’s tool provides alerts when new reviews are posted and can help you stay on top of all reviews coming in across various sites.

If you’re managing SEO strategies for a handful of clients, you’ve got your hands full. Now’s the time to take advantage of some of the comprehensive SEO tools available to you. With that, you can streamline your processes and stay ahead of SEO for all of your clients. These three tools are the ones we rely on to get it all done; I hope you’ll be able to put them to good use in your own consulting practice.

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