5 Ways the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Helped Me Start My Consulting Business While Keeping My Day Job - Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

5 Ways the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Helped Me Start My Consulting Business While Keeping My Day Job

5 Ways the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Helped Me Start My Consulting Business While Keeping My Day Job

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5 Ways the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Helped Me Start My Consulting Business While Keeping My Day JobThere’s nothing more exciting, rewarding, and challenging to the entrepreneur-at-heart than starting your own business. I think this is even more true when you want to be a Marketing Consultant in today’s digitally connected world.

You get to be your own boss, your own project manager, and your own decision-maker, and every iota of success you achieve for yourself and your clients can be traced back to your hard work and dedication.

However, if you currently have a corporate day job and aren’t sure if starting your own business is the right move, then it can be daunting to explore potential opportunities. After all, you don’t want to leave your day job only to find that your fledgling company isn’t seeing the revenue and growth you were looking for, right?

On top of that, what if you truly enjoy your current day job and don’t necessarily want to give it up right now? Can you still successfully start your own business while working a day job?

That was my exact predicament when I was looking to start my own consultancy. How could I continue to do my day job effectively and grow a business, while still being able to spend time with my wife and kids?

It seems like too much to ask for. Most gurus will tell you that you can’t effectively do both, that you need to drop the day job completely in order to dive full force into your business. I feel that makes sense if you are in your 20s or if your current job sucks the life out of you.

But for me, there had to be a way to make it work. I found that way with the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network (DTMCN).

Here are five ways the DTMCN helped me start my own marketing consulting business, while keeping my day job.

1. DTMCN Gives You All the Resources You Need to Succeed

One of the most difficult parts of starting your own consulting business is getting all the resources you need in place to get off the ground. For instance, if you’ve never run your own business before, then you probably have a million questions about how to structure the company, what works and what doesn’t when selling to prospects, what software tools to use and where to get them, and so much more.

That’s one of the reasons why the DTMCN is so valuable to me. I got access to all the resources I needed to successfully get my company rolling, including:

  • Proven systems
  • Training and live events
  • Samples
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Ebooks and forms that can be co-branded with your own information
  • Checklists
  • A complete and fully activated website
  • Duct Tape Marketing academy courses to become a certified partner

2. Their Solid Network Gives You People You Can Count On

Another resource that can be difficult to locate when starting a business is the people you need to assist you along the way. These people can come in the form of partners, consultants, mentors, collaborators, and even just other business owners in a similar situation to yours.

DTMCN has a vast and global network of consultants and partners who have been where you are and who are more than willing to provide advice, act as a sounding board for ideas, and otherwise coach and support you through the early days of your startup.

For many new business owners, this can mean the difference between finding success and feeling overwhelmed and like you have nowhere to turn. But luckily, DTMCN wants you to succeed and grow, and the partner network will ensure you have the tools, resources, and support to accomplish this.

I would say that having the ability to interact and feed off of the more experienced consultants has been the number one driver of taking my business from the hobby phase to serious phase.

3. DTMCN Will Teach You the Ropes Quickly

Another difficulty you’ll likely encounter is actually finding the time to start a side business while keeping your day job. If you’re like most Americans, then over the course of your lifetime, you’ll end up spending 90,000 hours at work. That doesn’t sound like it leaves a lot of time for other things…including more work.

However, in order to be fair to your employer, it’s critical that you do find time outside of work hours to dedicate to your own project, and the DTMCN makes this possible.

John and team have built a Duct Tape University for the members. This portal allows for all-hours access to content and comes with accountability modules. This format allowed me to gain knowledge of the marketing system quickly while being flexible to my schedule.

4. The Lead Generation Assistance They Provide Just About Guarantees Success

When you partner with the DTMCN, you get access to proven lead generation funnels that mean you can hit the ground running as soon as you get started. Moreover, they have ready-to-implement marketing service packages for you to use, and a proven marketing methodology you can use to increase awareness about your brand, locate new leads, drive traffic, and expand your business.

Joining the DTMCN also comes with the added benefit of promotions and discounts on third party software and services that will further assist with your business to increase leads and prospects.

5. DTMCN Makes Growth Easy

About 70 percent of new businesses will survive their first two years, and the DTMCN provides everything you need to ensure you’re included in the ranks of successful startups. Along with providing lead funnels, marketing strategies, support networks, and plenty of resources, they also provide a concrete service and value proposition you can offer to potential clients.

As a certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant, you’ll be allowed to sell managed marketing service packages to clients that are set up as a monthly retainer for your services. The name recognition is a real bonus to lend credibility to your offerings.

As you grow, the DTMCN also provides all the resources and strategies you need to scale your business without the traditional overhead associated with such growth.

The prospect of starting your own business can be simultaneously exhilarating and frightening, especially if you’re worried about not having the security provided by a stable job and steady paycheck.

Unless you’re a superhero, trying to stay sane while doing both effectively is a real challenge. But when you choose an option like partnering with the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, you get the advantage of keeping your day job while also working toward growing your own entrepreneurial venture and the benefits it brings.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions if you are weighing the pros and cons of going out on your own or if you have any questions in general about the DTMCN.

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Brian RuggieroBrian Ruggiero is the founder of Webistries Marketing & SEO, where he helps business owners develop their best possible web presence. Prior to founding his business, he worked for over 10 years as an analytical consultant to Fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods space.


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