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About Us

About Us

Where there is duct tape there is
hope and there is always Duct Tape.

John Jantsch

I’m John Jantsch and here’s the story of Duct Tape Marketing to date!


I decided any dummy could run a business, right? With little more than a nose for hustling business I created Jantsch Communications – a full-service marketing consulting firm.


After a few years on the bumpy road of contraction and expansion on the business front, I ran across an online article extolling the virtues of something called a weblog (yep that’s what blogs were called originally.)


After ten years in business, I decided that I would make working with small business clients my total focus. Experience told me that the only way to pull this off profitably was to invent a systematic approach to marketing and so in 2004 I launched the Duct Tape Marketing brand and systematic approach and created something I came to call “installed marking.”


Continued exposure for the brand and a successful book led to a flood of calls from independent marketing firms asking if they could license the Duct Tape Marketing System. In 2008 these requests turned into the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Partner Program.


The year 2012 marked a steady climb to top 50 partner consulting firms and the 3,000th blog post and 2 millionth podcast episode download.


In 2015 Duct Tape Marketing launched a significant innovation to its marketing system with the creation of “Managed Marketing Services” packages that were built around the Duct Tape point of view with defined deliverables for monthly retainer engagements – and the partners in our program loved them.


Currently, we partner with 125 consulting firms and agencies in 14 countries and continue a strong sense of collaboration and innovation in both the service delivery and practice building aspects of partner firms.

Are you ready to be the 126th consulting firm to join the Duct Tape Marketing Partner Program? Get in touch below.

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