Andy Catsimanes - Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Andy Catsimanes

Andy Catsimanes

By Sara Jantsch

andyshawn_headshot_300x200The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant continues to grow each month.  Time to announce our 4th new consultant who joined our November Certification Training in Kansas City, Andy Catsimanes, DayByDay Marketing.

1. Describe your business:

We work with passionate entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations who want a predictable, growing client base and reliably increasing revenues.

We’re called “DayByDay Marketing,” because we understand implementing a winning marketing strategy shouldn’t feel complicated or overwhelming.

We’ve joined forces with Duct Tape Marketing because we’ve found no better system for helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits conquer their marketing — step-by-step and Day By Day!

2. What is your Superpower?

Relentless focus on the day to day actions that over time produce predictable, long-term growth and higher profits.

3. Name the last 4 books you’ve read:

  • What to Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn), by Seth Godin
  • The Consulting Bible, by Alan Weiss
  • Duct Tape Marketing, by John Jantsch
  • Launch!, by Jeff Walker

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