How to Automate the 4 Key States of Lead Flow

How to Automate the 4 Key Stages of Lead Flow

How to Automate the 4 Key Stages of Lead Flow

By Guest Post

Today’s Guest Post is by Kavit Haria – Enjoy! 

I have a real problem with how a lot of people construct their lead generation processes.

create-a-rich-lead-conveyor-beltAutomation is good for your business. But when automation creates a mindset that makes you focus on the system, rather than the people passing through it, then automation is bad for your business.

So I want to talk to you about how intelligent automation of your lead generation process can fill your sales funnel with targeted prospects and raise your conversion rates.

First, you have to realize that the “lead flow” process is made up of four stages:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead capture
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead conversion

Designing, setting up, automating and measuring each of these four areas is the work of a masterful business owner and leader.

Would you like to generate leads with less effort?

There is something that many people miss when it comes to generating leads.

Human automation.

The way to generate leads with less effort is to create a system that people follow for you to get results.

Get yourself a writer you trust and send them the work to produce. If you build a relationship, then you can often generate all of your content from one-liner briefings.

Get an assistant to schedule the publishing of the content in the form of blog posts, landing pages and social media work. You can use tools to manage when campaigns are launched, making your campaign completely hands-free for days, weeks and months.

Positioning people within a human-driven system, backed by software, is the key to creating intelligent automation that generates fresh leads.

Invest in the quality of your lead capture process

Lead generation work is pointless if people are bouncing off your landing pages. So at the heart of your lead capture process you need two essential elements:

1. An exact understanding of what the person you have sent your landing page is looking for.

2. A lead generation magnet (i.e. a free report or guide) that is of an incredibly high standard and is immediately recognised as valuable enough to encourage them to provide their personal details. I’m not talking about the monetary value. People are bored-stupid reading about how something they are getting for free is worth some ludicrous amount of money. I’m talking about the landing page content giving them a real incentive to want to start a journey of emotional investment.

Nurture the relationship through responsive relationship marketing

As soon as someone is in your sales funnel it’s often too easy to see the whole experience as passive. Either they buy into what you are sending them or they walk away.

What you should be looking at is a responsive sales funnel.

A responsive sales funnel has two goals:

1. Build a relationship with you personally through getting the prospect to know, like and trust you through information and anecdotes you share.

2. Allow your sales prospect the power of choice and respond to the decisions they make. This could mean passing them into different auto-responder sequences depending on clicks they make or what they show themselves to be interested in. It could even mean looking at your unsubscribe process and convincing them to choose another path once they unsubscribe from the path they are on currently.

So intelligent automation during the lead nurturing process can empower your prospect and make them feel more in personal contact with you, not less.

Simple things you can do to close the sale more often

It almost drives me to tears when I see that somebody has invested in their lead generation strategy, only to let people slip through the net when they are ready to buy.

We are talking about basics here.

• Reliable shopping cart software
• Reassuring through delivering all key information prior to the point of sale
• Displaying policies clearly
• Not trying to immediately upsell when they are about to click on that buy button
• Stopping people from clicking away to find basic answers

Covering the basics alone will mean fewer abandoned purchases and less effort for you. If your checkout process is thorough and your follow-up emails provide all the answers, then you will also spend less time answering emails and dealing with refund requests.

And don’t make the classic error that leaves money on the table forever.

As soon as the purchase is made, have them passed straight into a second dynamic sales funnel. The long-term safety and growth in your business is through nurturing existing customers to build loyalty so long as you can continue to add massive value to them.

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Kavit HariaKavit Haria is the founder of where he helps business owners automate their entire lead flow through his Automated Business System service. You can get his free report titled Lead Generation: How To Permanently Turn Famine Into Feast.

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