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Has Social Media Replaced Traditional Forms of Marketing?

Ask anyone and the answer will always be the same. Ask a traditional marketing person that what are the channels […]

Tips to Turn Into a Twitter Pro

That little blue bird holds a lot of promise – and without the right approach – can present some challenges. […]

The Essential Social Image Sizes Guide 2015

Images are a key part of your social media presence. Social media is a highly visual medium. Words alone on […]

Breakthrough Training Series – Point Pricing Model with Paul Roetzer

Lately at Duct Tape Marketing, we’ve been really trying to figure out the best way to create value for our […]

Strategies For Building Your Audience in 2015

If somebody writes a blog, but nobody reads it, does it really exist? Okay, so that’s not exactly the next […]

5 Tips for Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy for Facebook’s News Feed Changes

Facebook has recently made some tweaks to its newsfeed in a way that has impacted a lot of businesses that […]

What is a Reddit AMA and is it Right for My Client?

Each month, reddit.com receives over 100 million unique visitors and billions of page views. With over 9,000 active communities centered […]

3 Spring Cleaning Practices to Get Your Financial House in Order for 2015

It’s starting to feel like spring, meaning it’s a good time to do a little financial spring cleaning. If you […]