5 Badass Ways To Build Community with Livestream

5 Steps to Build a Badass Livestream Community

5 Steps to Build a Badass Livestream Community

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5 Steps to Build a Badass Livestream Community - Duct Tape Marketing

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The benefits of livestreaming with apps like Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook and BLAB are undeniable for a small business. These platforms are offering businesses, organizations, solo entrepreneurs authors and speakers a reach into their target audience that can be deep and broad simultaneously. This incredible reward of a community can be built if an entrepreneur follows five stupid-simple, but extremely important steps while using livestream.

Get clear on your message and content as soon as you can.

This is extremely important for your audience, but it will also help you stay on track and focused. A powerful exercise prior to beginning a series of livestreams is to write a value proposition. A good value proposition will provide clarity, purpose and be an excellent foundation for creating titles for each social stream.  As you put together one-liners, a business introduction and include keywords you speak regularly, you and your viewers will be crystal clear on what it is you do and how you can help them.  Clarity is so important for business building on livestream, I dedicate an entire module to it in my SpeakerStream™ training course.

 Engage with your audience throughout your broadcasts.

Gina Luke, a kick-ass blogger advises that broadcasters continuously chat with their viewers.  Gina came the livestream space already generating a healthy 6-figure income from her blog. Since she started livestreaming on Periscope, she has seen tremendous revenue increase and even launched a new product specifically for her livestream community.

 “I knew there were tons of newer bloggers who would benefit from the guidance of an established one. So I just started randomly (without promotion) decided to stream on Periscope.  I moved over to a Facebook group to accommodate my new community, and that is where I livestream most of my tips now.  My biggest draw is the conversing I do during broadcasts.  I don’t just talk and then walk away. I engage with them. It is like having a face-to-face meeting with tons of people at the same time.”

Gina Luke, BlogGoals.com

Gina’s investment in her viewers has most certainly paid off. Gina still credits her engagement as the number one reason she grew so fast. Now she has a team of bloggers that support the entire livestream community they continue to grow and serve.

Be consistently authentic during each livestream broadcast. CEO of Boom Social and best-selling author, Kim Garst can easily be dubbed queen of virtual tribes. With over 38k followers on Periscope, Kim knows how to build a community. Fortunately, one of Kim’s secret sauce ingredients is something anyone can and should be doing and that is, just be you! Be you every time!  Kim puts it best as saying:

 “Showing up and simply being authentic has been the #1 driver for building my strong community. I am consistent, bring value every time I go live, engage with my community and all of that, but it’s the fact that I can go live on Periscope or Facebook Live and be the same person that I am in real life. That is what attracts people and creates a strong connection.”

Kim Garst, CEO of Boom Social

Having all the important factors and techniques are essential to attracting a community like a magnet but adding the extra ingredient of consistent authenticity is the glue that will keep it together and have viewers coming back for more every time. Follow Kim’s lead, she has been building community on social media successfully and has it down like a science.

Participate in other social live videos regularly.

Once you have your schedule down and are showing up for yourself, it is time to branch out and show up for others. Do this practice as soon as possible. Casey Zeman is no stranger to video. As the Founder of easywebinar and creator of fullscope.tv, Casey understands what it takes to build a following. Since livestream has come to apps for everyday users, Casey has increased his business and grown his community significantly. His suggestion is to get around, reach out, show up and participate in other people’s social streaming broadcasts.

“Participate in other people’s broadcasts and eventually they will take notice, follow you, show up for your broadcasts and share your content. While you are at another broadcast, take note of the speaker’s name, information, and interests. Now when they come to your social streams, you can highlight them and even quote them and bring it to their attention by including their name (@CaseyZeman) or hashtag in your broadcast title. “

Casey Zeman, Founder of easywebinar

Casey recently used the combination of a Facebook group and Periscope broadcasts to launch a product last month. This 7-figure product launch proves to Casey and the clients he helps learn how to use livestream effectively, that his techniques to community building are spot on and rock star effective.

Connect with your community on all other social media platforms. Now that you are starting to build a livestream community, keep growing and connecting. My first goal is always to get connections to my email list. Also connecting with them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn is important.  If you connect with people on Periscope, start a Facebook group that centers on your content.  Having connections on social media that are in your livestream community gives you the opportunity to follow up with them directly. You can send private messages on Facebook, tweet them a ‘thanks for attending my broadcast’ on Twitter and snap them a photo or two on Snapchat. Connecting anywhere and everywhere you are active is a good idea once your community starts growing.

Livestream is an incredible resource for small businesses. Much like brick and mortar, building a network that you actively and regularly engage with can be the difference between just surviving and actually thriving.

Lisa IllmanLisa Illman is the creator of SpeakerStream™ and founder of lisaillman.com. She helps online businesses use livestream, social media and business development techniques to build revenue streams and strong communities.

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