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Building a Content Platform – September Roundup

Building a Content Platform – September Roundup

By John Jantsch

Our theme for the month of September at Duct Tape Marketing was building a content platform.” We’ve all grown tired of hearing people proclaim that content is king, and in reality, that’s a phrase I disagree with. Content is more than that: It’s the voice of strategy. And when you build a robust content platform filled with smart, informative, and varied content, you give yourself and your clients the best shot at standing out in search and building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers alike throughout their journeys.

These posts and videos are designed to help you, your team, and your clients to better understand everything that goes into building a smart content platform that generates results.

This is a sampling of the kind of information members of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network enjoy. Curious about the network? Check out our live webinar where we reveal all of the benefits of membership.

Blog Posts

What Consultants Need to Understand About Keyword Research

It’s time to come out of the SEO weeds. We all used to be obsessed with cramming keywords into posts and taking other drastic measures to game the SEO system. Fortunately, Google and other search engines have evolved over the years to better understand how people actually use search. And it’s made our jobs more intuitive. Today’s keyword research is all about understanding search intent, and understanding how that works is the key to creating smart content and ranking well in search.

This article contains tips for undertaking smart, modern keyword research.

5 Tools Every Consultant Needs for Digital Marketing Today

All the marketing consultants that I know are smart, talented people, but we’re not superheroes. We need some tools to help us provide consistent, amazing results for our clients. From keyword research and content creation to review funnels and CRMs, these five tools are here to empower you serve your clients’ needs and juggle all the many marketing balls you have in the air.

How to Get Your Clients to Rank for Great Search Terms

Have you heard me talk about hub pages yet? They are an exciting, powerful way to tap into the existing well of content your clients have created, and utilize that content to rank for the terms that matter most to their business.

These ultimate guides draw prospects in early in the research process, and establish your client as the go-to source for information on their area of expertise. For more on how to use hub pages to rank for key search terms, check out this post.

Why Consultants Need to Learn to Repurpose Their Clients’ Content

A lot of time and effort goes into creating content. So just because a piece of content is a little old and dusty doesn’t mean you should toss it altogether. Instead, check out these reasons to repurpose your clients’ content. This approach can help you save time, capitalize on SEO standings, and develop new, relevant content using existing material as your springboard.

5 Types of Video Content Every Consultant Must Master

Video has become the preferred method for your client’s audience to absorb information. It’s an easy format to digest on the go, and video helps to build a deeper emotional connection between an audience and a brand.

If you’re not well-versed in creating video content yet, now is the time to get up to speed. Check out this article for an overview of the five types of video content every consultant must master.

Podcasts and Videos

Why Every Business Needs a Podcast to Generate Leads 

Starting a podcast is about more than generating a base of listeners and followers. Becoming a podcaster gives you inside access to people who can help your business flourish. This is an approach I’ve used in building out my own marketing consultancy, and it can work for you, too. Check out this video for more information.

Content Marketing with Hub Pages

Hub pages are killing it for our clients. Learning how to dominate in search on the three or four themes that matter most to your client’s business is the key to generating meaningful leads that eventually become customers. Here’s how you do it.

Content is More Than Blog Posts – It’s the Voice of Strategy

In order to get great results from your content, you must elevate content creation to the level of strategy. It’s so much bigger than a blog post here and a podcast episode there, it’s about how you share your clients’ core message. It’s about embracing storytelling. It’s about starting with a strong foundation before turning to the editorial calendar. In this podcast I share why content is an integral part of strategy, and what you can do to create a strong content base on which to build.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Strategic Content

So now you understand why content must be strategically driven, but do you know how to create content that’s meaningful, shareable, and speaks specifically to your client’s audience? In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I chat with Rachel Parker, CEO of Resonance Content Marketing and author of The Content Marketing Coach, about all that goes into creating great strategic content.

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