7 Chrome Extensions Every Marketing Consultant Needs [List]

7 Chrome Extensions Every Marketing Consultant Needs

7 Chrome Extensions Every Marketing Consultant Needs

By John Jantsch

I love the Chrome Browser – and I’m not alone – a quick look at my site analytics tells me that 62% of visitors to my site last month came by way of the Chrome Browser.

One of the things that’s led to the growing popularity of Chrome I believe is the robust community of extension builders.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are little add-ons that allow you to do and analyze many things based on the webpage you are visiting.

A great deal of the work a marketing consultant might do whether mining for leads or evaluating a prospect or client’s online presence is to look under the hood at elements that might be hurting or helping a business’ website functionality, content optimization or SEO.

While most consultants employ a suite of paid tools that allow them to audit and evaluate very deeply, you can accomplish a great deal of initial evaluation using a handful of browser extensions that put useful data right at your fingertips.

This is a great way to quickly do some prospecting to find businesses that seem to need some help or even create a lightweight evaluation process to use as part of a lead conversion process.

7 Chrome Extensions for Marketing Consultants

The following seven plugins I keep at the ready for quick analysis. Some have overlapping features to be sure, but I like that as it gives me more depth and several looks at the same thing.

Wappalyzer or What Runs – These plugins gives you a peek into the set-up of a site. You’ll see if WordPress is installed, if Google Analytics or Tag Manager is being used, and even if a plugin such as Yoast SEO is being used. (Of course, just because something is installed, it doesn’t mean it’s being used.)


Similar Web – This one gives you a quick look at traffic stats for a site, including the source make-up and referrals and social breakdown.

Similar web

Facebook Pixel Helper – This one tells you whether or not a site is using the Facebook Pixel to build an audience for advertising purposes. This is such a common tactic these days that lack of the pixel or a pixel that’s not working can indicate a need for some marketing help.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Built With – This one is much like Wappalyzer but goes much deeper into the specifics of the technology a site is built with and can turn up some nuggets that Wappalyzer doesn’t cover.

Built With

QuickSEO – This one gives what I’ve found to be the quickest look at the backlink profile of a site. It also has the best built-in WhoIs search if you’re trying to find out about the owner of a site.

Quick SEO

MetaSEO – As the name implies this one is where I go to look at metadata and schema markup – both signs of some more sophisticated marketing or SEO. This is where you realize they have Yoast but the title tag of the homepage is still – Home


Email Hunter – This one is useful if you’re trying to find the email address of the site owner or department head so you can share all your findings!

Keywords Everywhere – Get keyword and CPC data for related search terms right in the browser

email hunter

Bonus: An Extension to Help You Close More Leads

Loom – Let’s say you are cruising around a site using all of the extensions above to evaluate the online presence of a business you would like to help. Loom is a screen recording tool that allows you to create a quick video of your remarks and findings as you evaluate a site and it seamlessly plugs into Gmail so you can zip that video off to a prospect. It even tells you when the video has been viewed so you know that moment to follow-up.

Loom Video


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