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5 Best Practices for Delivering Content with Impact

5 Best Practices for Delivering Content with Impact

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photo credit: content via photopin (license)

photo credit: content via photopin (license)

Small business websites, blogs and emails can drive customer loyalty and profits if only people would read them.

How do you deliver your amazing content to the right people, at the right time, in the right way with maximum impact?

Having fascinating content is not enough. The Internet is full of amazing stuff that nobody knows is there. You have to put your content in front of viewers’ eyes AND compel them to actually LOOK AT it, or you might as well never have bothered producing it.

Adding More Impact to Your Content


People are different and respond to different stimuli. If you are showing the same website and email to everyone you are missing opportunities.


Geo-targeting means that you show appropriate website content to visitors from different countries, using culturally appropriate images and local currencies to maximize conversions. Bing and Google Webmaster Tools describe how to target specific pages or your entire site to individual countries.

Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is equally important. Email marketing programs like GetResponse allow you to segment your list based on any combination of data in the system. This includes IP address and previous email actions meaning that you could target subscribers in Texas who opened your last email or Canadian subscribers who clicked an email link in the previous 3 months.

Email segmentation means you can send emails out according to users’ time zones, too, always hitting that sweet spot when you have your subscribers’ attention.


There is no single “best time” to send emails or social media messages. It all depends on how your subscribers respond and the only way to work that out is to test and keep testing until you find the best time. Any email marketing program will allow you to schedule posts days or weeks in advance.

Timing social media posts can be done using Oktopost. This social media management platform allows you to schedule posts to multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Scheduling your posts means that you can post when your contacts are most likely to respond even if they are 8-12 time zones away from you. You get to sleep at night.


Does your website display the same content to every visitor? We are all interested in different things and your content will have more impact if you personalize it for each visitor.

Trendemon and Fanplayr are two tools that will help you to achieve this personalization.

Trendemon will display a customizable content discovery feed when a visitor has read an article. The program can scan your site and find the pages that convert most effectively and auto-populate the discovery feed with those pages. You can also add other on-site or off-site content to complement the automatic recommendations.

Fanplayr is a Big Data application that analyzes and segments website visitors so you can show them the most relevant offers. The software uses data from your own site and you can set up segments based on user on-site activity and traffic sources to decide what offer will tempt each segment most effectively.

Use New Channels

Outbrain is a content discovery channel that can bring visitors who are interested in your services to your website. Mobile channels increase in importance every year. Responsive designs for emails and websites are no longer just optional.


Some people say, “If you can’t measure content impact it, it’s not happening.” Even if you don’t go that far, you definitely need to measure the results you get from your content marketing.

Use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing. It’s free, but there is no better tool.


Your content might consist of email newsletters, amazing bargains in your e-commerce store or articles you have written, but there is so much information online to absorb that our eyes glaze over. You need to do something extra to make viewers stop and take notice.

Raise your game or go home.

Your Input

How do you ensure maximum impact for your content? Please share your ideas in the comments.


uEm8yUP7_400x400Dvora is a freelance writer residing in Tel Aviv, Israel with 5 years of internet marketing experience. She frequently writes about SEO, Social media and all things blogging 

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