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How To Make Content Your Biggest Asset When Upselling Your Clients

How To Make Content Your Biggest Asset When Upselling Your Clients

By John Jantsch

How To Make Content Your Biggest Asset When Upselling Your ClientsUpselling is a concept that’s gotten a bit of a bad rap. It can conjure up images of the sleazy salesman, pushing the unnecessary add-ons, and then cackling to himself as the customer walks away with an empty wallet.

In reality, upselling is a necessary part of the sales process. And in fact, it can be beneficial to both the business and the customer, when the upsell that you’re suggesting truly adds value for your clients.

But how can you prove that your additional services are worthwhile? That’s where content comes in. When used properly, content can be your biggest asset when upselling your clients.

Build Trust with Case Studies

When you’re trying to convince your client to spend more money on enhanced services, don’t let them take your word for it. Creating effective customer success case studies is a great way to allow your existing clients to demonstrate your value for you.

When you have customer success case studies to share as you pitch the upsell, it builds trust immediately. These clients were happy enough with the results of your work that they were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to vouch for you. Doesn’t that speak volumes? Additionally, the case studies allow the prospect to see how your company brought value to someone who’s in their same shoes—they get to view first-hand what your services can do for someone like them.

Offer Content Upgrades That Add Value

Content upgrades are a great way to prove your ability to add value. Your basic content should prove your expertise, and your content upgrades should demonstrate that you’re able to help clients put their newfound knowledge to good use. For example, let’s say you have a video on your website that walks readers through why it’s so critical to have a mobile-friendly website. A smart content upgrade there could be a checklist with the steps to audit a site’s current mobile status and the steps for making updates to increase mobile friendliness.

While you can and should make these content upgrades available through forms on your website, you should also be using them in the upselling process. Encourage your team to provide prospects with ebooks, checklists, and templates that demonstrate what goes into the work that you do, and shows why the upsell will enhance the service they’ve already contracted you for. If you have a client that has hired you to help with digital advertising, offer them an ebook that demonstrates the link between paid social and paid search. This might help you upsell them to your package that includes social media and pay per click strategy and execution.

Use Smart Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s toolkit. When you use your CRM effectively, you can create an email marketing approach to enhance your upsell process.

Let’s say you just closed a deal with a new client. They hired you to undertake a website redesign. If you’re tracking your relationship with them in your CRM, once you’ve indicated that they’ve signed a contract for this work, you know the next step is to send them your welcome email campaign.

This email campaign is sent to all new clients who have signed up for your website redesign package. The first email includes a video from you and your team, explaining the process and giving them a sense of what you’ll need from them to create the most effective redesign. As they move through the process of the redesign, they get additional emails, updating them on the process and reminding them of next steps. As you get closer to completion, you can begin to introduce additional concepts that would result in an upsell. Now that they have this amazing new website, don’t they want a strategy for calls to action and content upgrades on that website that will help them grow their mailing list?

When you can send emails that feel more personalized and address exactly where your client is in their journey, you’re more likely to win their trust and convince them to take the next step in the marketing process with you.

Make the Upsell About Problem-Solving, Not Cost

Obviously, at the end of the day, an upsell is about generating more revenue for your business. But you can’t frame it that way to your clients. You need to prove to your clients that the upsell you’re advocating for is, in reality, about giving them an additional, greater solution to their original problem.

You can do this by creating effective content that illustrates your point. If you’re selling separate marketing packages for social media, SEO, website design, and paid advertising, you know that all of those tactics are in fact part of a larger marketing strategy. You understand that they’ll all work better if they’re implemented together, rather than done piecemeal. However, asking a client to take the leap from signing on for website design to agreeing to a comprehensive marketing package is a tough sell.

That’s where content comes in. You need to provide them with concrete evidence of the benefits to making these additional purchases. What do industry-wide surveys say about the effectiveness of pairing a strong, mobile-friendly website with SEO best practices? How do businesses see the effect on their bottom line?

When you can prove that the upgraded services you’re offering also come with greater benefits to the client (rather than just a heftier price tag), the upsell suddenly becomes an easier sell.

Upselling is a critical part of any business’s sales strategy. It’s easier to sell to existing customers than to go out and acquire new ones, so there is a lot of value in speaking to your current client roster about adding extra or upgraded services to their package. However, it must be done artfully, and with compelling evidence to back up your ask. Fortunately, using content is a great way to prove your point and win over additional business.

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