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10 Tools for Doing Content Marketing the Right Way

10 Tools for Doing Content Marketing the Right Way

By Guest Post

Extendable ears, Dung bombs, Ton-Tongue Toffee, Parseltongue, Animagus, Metamorphmagus, Hippogriffs, Bowtruckle, Skiving Snackboxes…

Blimey! All these sounds like gobbledygook to you, right?

But then, if you jog your memory a little, a familiar realization is sure to strike you.

“Er… aren’t these words from Harry Porter (HP) books?”

Yes, indeed. And, in fact, there are hundreds and thousands of such words scattered all across HP books. Wordsmith that she is, these gobbledygook, is what makes HP such a lovely read.

Here, yet another brilliant writing sample by the same author:




—Sign outside Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes[src]

Yes! Twists and turns at every bend, not to mention unique words and phrases combined with incredible writing skills make sure that you take several pregnant pauses and double takes while you read the Harry Porter series.

Now tell me, does your content echo J.K. Rowling’s magic?

In other words, does it make the readers hold their breath and make them go ‘wow’ ‘wow?’ Does it say things differently – gobbledygook or no gobbledygook. Does it offer unique solutions? And, more importantly, do your research enough and run your pen over it, over and over again, to make sure that it’s in keeping with the times.

Or are you simply creating content for content sake?

Remember, for your content marketing efforts to pay off, you need to focus fully on creating compelling copies that tell a great story and at the same time offers great value to the readers. Put simply, crafting compelling content is organic to content marketing. It’s the anchor on which your whole online enterprise stands. 

Wish to produce and market amazing quality content that offers immense value to the readers?

Here are some amazing 10 tools that would help you do just that, automatically?

Idea Generation Tools

1. Feedly

You know blog ideas don’t pop up with a whoosh of a magical wand. You literally have to scan through tens of thousands of blog posts, books, white papers and more to get your blog post idea up and running on your WordPress site.  This may take a day or even a couple of days before the idea sees the light of the day in the form of a well-written blog post.

That means you end up spending a lot of productive time and energy in producing a single post. Are you looking for a way out from this day to day struggle?

Try Feedly. The app helps you consolidate the best of the best content on the web that too in one particular place.

In fact, you can create a custom feed that ensures you get the most relevant and inspirational content only.

This will make it easier for you to pick and choose the best trending content that resonates with your readers.

Feedly will help you subscribe as much content as you want but more than that it will help you organize it in a real scannable and digestible way.

2. Buzzsumo

Looking for the most shared and influential content on the web? Check out Buzzsumo. The tool helps you identify the most shared content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

You could even filter by content types: articles, infographic, guest posts, giveaways, interviews and video and even date-wise to find what sort of content was shared most every month. This helps you measure why so and so content was popular – was it because of the seasons or holiday or some event.

More than that, it helps you analyze the shares of each of the social media platforms. However, the best bit being that the tool helps drill down the data to see the Twitter users who shared your content. This data, in turn, could be used to set up an influencer and outreach list.

What’s more, there’s this influencer function that helps you pin down the influencers by keywords/topic and also content alerts that work like Google alerts.

 3. Alltop.com

Turns out I have started liking this site more than any other site. Why?

It’s because of literally an ‘online magazine rack’ of the web. The site happens to collect headlines of the latest stories from some of the top sites and blogs in areas related to food, science, celebrities, fashion, gaming, sports, automobiles, Macintosh, religion, science and hundreds of other subjects.

For each category, Alltop aggregates five most recent headlines from various sites, including their first paragraphs as well.

The idea is to enhance your online reading skills by displaying stories from familiar top sites and from those whose existence is still a mystery to you.

Content Creation Tools  

4. Contently.com

Looking for great content in diverse areas such as thought leadership, social media or any other general topic, try Contently. This platform works with some real, credible world-class journalists, several of whom have worked for top publications like New York Times and National Geographic, and some even are recipients of the prized Pulitzer and National Magazine Awards.

Today the platform boasts of 100,000 journalists, videographers, graphic designers, researchers and photographers offering services across the globe.

The company, besides offering world-class creative talent, also offers specialist services in content strategy and editing, not to mention translation and localization services to reach people globally.

If these weren’t enough, the company also offers distribution and technology services that helps companies draw more audience while reducing CPC by up to 60 percent.

5. Skyword

Size is no guarantee for greatness. Even Skyword (though not highly acclaimed as Contently), is a great content provider.

The platform has 20,000 + writers on board, offering myriad content creation services. More importantly, it has entered into a partnership with Thomson Reuters for business intelligence and Bigstock Imagery for stock images.

This ensures that you will be able to get some original, premium content on demand alongside some gorgeous imagery without having to blow your brains.

6. YoRocket

The content marketing metric called the Click Through Rate decides whether the content is up to the mark or not.

A better click through rate from search engines means high organic search, which in turn means higher search rankings for your site.

YoRocket is one such effective tool that helps you come up with compelling page titles. In fact, it allows you to test two titles against one another to see which one gets the most traffic.

More than that, it has got a ranking system that gives scores to your titles and also provides suggestions to improve them. This feature is ideal for English websites.

 7. ProWritingAid

Prowriting aid offers many editing features under one roof such as an online spelling and grammar checker and plagiarism checker. And then there is this feature as well that helps improve the readability of your content in addition to other amazing features such as paragraph structuring, elimination of redundancies and clichés, among many others.

On the top of it, to access any of the above-mentioned features you don’t even need to sign up as well.

Marketing and Distribution Tools

8. MailChimp

Despite social media’s increased role in content marketing, email marketing is still a go-getter tool for many businesses.

But then the fact is, most of the businesses are bad at email marketing.

Enter MailChimp. The tool helps you build an incredible email list, in addition to setting up and tracking of campaigns and also handling of unsubscribed requests.

However, the biggest plus point is that your payment depends on the current status of your business.

In other words, if you have less than 2,000 subscribers, you can use MailChimp for free.  And in case if your subscriber base increases in the future, it will still be economical.

And if you want do things your way, MailChimp offers an array of upgrades for as little as $10 a month.

Be it automation, delivery as per time zone or email chat support system, MailChimp offers all.

9. Buffer

Whether you agree with me or not, social media is time-consuming. According to a report by Global Webindex, people spent almost 1.72 minutes on social media each day.

Come to think of it, too much of a time is being dedicated to one particular field of digital communications, which shouldn’t be the actual case. So, how to cut down the time being spent on different social media channels these days?

Simple. Leverage tools like Buffer. The tool helps you schedule and share content across different social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Not just that, it also helps you to keep track of all your posts, analyze them, and then help you figure out what type of posts are doing well and what could be avoided in the future.

To this effect, buffer leverages two tools such as Pablo and Respond. Pablo helps in creating social media pages, while Respond lets users respond to your social media postings.

So, if the organization of social media postings is on your mind, Buffer is the go-to tool.

10. Slideshare

Mauro D’Andrea in his article on Kissmetrics ‘The Marketer’s Guide To SlideShare,’ refers to Slideshare as the “The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing.” Why? It’s because it’s still one of the overlooked mediums by businesses.

Faced with tough competition to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, though Slideshare boasts of a highly targeted audience, users are comparatively less.

As you know, SlideShare is strictly meant for promoting presentations and professional content. And a good SlideShare presentation reaches 100,000s views a day and are widely shared. So, if used effectively, one could see a tremendous boost to their online presence as well as SEO.

Further, you could share your SlideShare by sharing presentations on other social media platforms via email. What’s more, you could even embed your presentation slides into web pages, besides your blog.  It helps people find content easily and also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your site.

Final Thoughts

According to a report by Aberdeen Group, Crossing the Chaos, the companies that give top importance to content marketing increased their website conversion rates almost by 5 times. So go ahead and test different devices and then work with the best.

Your ultimate goal should be to generate a material that has a compelling storyline and at the same time provides loads of value to the reader.

About the Author

Jini Maxin is a Senior Writer with OpenXcell Mobile App Development Company that offers mobile app development services across the globe. She is a voracious reader who pours all her learning into producing well-researched and data-driven posts. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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