David Roberts - Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

David Roberts

David Roberts

By Sara Jantsch

david_robertsDavid joined us from across the pond at Duct Tape Marketing last week to become one of our newest Certified Consultants. He jibbed back and forth with US versus UK jokes, but is serious about online marketing. David is the managing director of a group in Derby, Derbyshire, UK that provides business coaching and internet marketing solutions to small and mid-size businesses. Please welcome David Roberts, JDR Group.

  1. Describe your business:

Our award-winning agency was founded after I realized that I was making other people a lot of money. JDR Group has a proven track record of helping businesses improve their overall marketing strategy, combining online and offline techniques to create a winning formula. From one-time strategy meetings to full service marketing programs, we tailor our services to meet the needs of your business.

After reading Duct Tape Marketing years ago, I’m finally exploring the system more in-depth and hope to leverage the system to simplify processes within our organization.

  1. What is your Superpower?

Adapting to your industry and environment is an important skill that I am conquering. After ending my career in professional futbol, I learned sales, became a business consultant, and am now in online marketing. I’ve mastered abilities while adapting to my various industries, and am now using what I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Name one thing you’re excited about:

I am excited about training for a race that I have decided to participate in. It’s 3 miles running, 18 miles on a bike and then 3 additional miles running. I’m not excited about the actual execution, but it’s great to have a goal to work toward and I’m excited for the race to be over!

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