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Partner Network Onboarding

Setting yourself up for success with Duct Tape Marketing



What do my first 6-months as a partner look like with Duct Tape Marketing?

The Partner Network Onboarding delivers an experience that is responsive to your needs and provides a powerful set of resources to help drive your success. Selected members of our team will collaborate with you to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and tools to execute services for your clients.

Month 1
Creating a Successful Start

We’ve got tools and information and a bit of overload right out of the gate, so we’ve created a Quick Start program that helps align the training to your objectives and current level of business. If getting a few clients is your greatest priority, we’ll go to work there. If organizing for scale is more in line with your goals, that’s how we’ll design your first month.

  •  Attend orientation session
  • Login to online training modules
  • Outline your new service offerings
  • Integrate lead generation tools
  • Start attending bi-monthly Breakthrough Training Calls
  • Attend four live new consultant training classes
  • Design your sales approach


Month 2
Quick Start Training Certification

It’s time to start rounding out your strategy. By now you’ve worked through our offerings and methodology and you can start to focus on attracting ideal clients or transitioning existing clients to your new suite of offerings. We’re still with you in the QuickStart Program too.

  • Complete Duct Tape Marketing certification course
  • Attend an in person training event
  • Round out your package offerings
  • Implement lead generation and capture tools
  • Start the process of integrating new tools and partners
  • Create your new customer onboarding process

Month 3-4
Launch Your Managed Marketing Packages

One of the most important elements of the Duct Tape Network is the creation and implementation of managed marketing services packages. By this point you’ll have experienced enough of this concept to lock down on the offerings you plan to build the core of your new business around. This is where network participation will start to kick in for you.

  • Develop strategic relationships inside the network
  • Fully integrate marketing packages into your web presence
  • Begin to master paid lead generation approach
  • Continue to participate in live and online training
  • Conduct 90-day assessment call with QuickStart guide


Month 5-6
Build Systems for Scale

This is the point where many of the moving parts start to fit together in a way that reveals the power of this approach to building a marketing consulting practice. Most likely you have now developed a steady flow of the right leads that are turning into the right clients. Now it’s time to turn your attention to delegation, process and systems.

  • Continue to develop strategic network relationships
  • Work on building local partners for implementation
  • Create your systems blueprint and organizer
  • Initiate relationship with virtual marketing partners
  • Delegate managed marketing package implementation
  • Document lead generation and client reporting systems
  • Attend your first annual network Summit

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