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How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

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How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content MarketingWhen directing someone down the sales funnel you want them to have a pleasant experience. There are many ways you can convert a potential buyer into a loyal customer, but did you know that content marketing is one of the ways that is the most profitable for businesses? That’s right! Implementing a great content marketing strategy, and focusing on your content more, can really help to improve your overall conversions by sending more people through the sales funnel.

While a traditional sales funnel will be discussed in this article today, another approach you could incorporate using the same methods discussed in this article is The Marketing HourglassTM . The Marketing Hourglass™ is another great method of converting visitors but focuses more on the connected stages of know, like trust, try, buy, repeat and refer. To find out more about The Marketing Hourglass™ see this article.

So if you want to learn more about how you can leverage content marketing to your advantage, then here’s a few tips on how you can achieve this, but first…

Consider The Typical Sales Funnel Stages

While the sales funnel may use different phrases or words, when it comes down to it, the process is all the same. The sales funnel is generally broken into different major stages which lead a potential buyer to become a very loyal customer. The major stages of the sales funnel are:

  1. Awareness: This sales funnel stage is where the consumer first becomes aware of your brand and what you have to offer. Generally, this is done through one of many ways including landing pages, marketing campaigns, content marketing, or organic brand awareness from landing on your homepage.
  2. Interest: The interest in your product or service is the next stage of the sales funnel. They will generally inquire about your business what you have to offer and the cost of your services. At this stage, you have peaked their interest in you but not enough for them to make a decision on your company.
  3. Decision: The decision stage is where the consumer works out that you’re what they’ve been searching for to fill their needs. Your information and content have led them to make the decision on continuing with your company, thus pushing them further down the sales funnel.
  4. Action: The action stage is where the consumer takes the final step and converts to become an actual customer. This is where they make a purchase.
  5. Loyalty Stage: The loyalty stage is where they become loyal ongoing customers by making repeat sales.

How to Push More Visitors Down Your Sales Funnel

1. Trigger Their Emotions Through Your Content

One of the best ways to direct more visitors through the sales funnel of your business is by triggering their emotions through your content. Emotional marketing is essential to getting people to buy things or to complete a subscription or download. This can be done through triggering their emotions. Two of the key emotions to trigger include happiness and passionate anger.

  • Happiness – Happiness comes when you provide your visitors with what they want. Your visitors need to feel as if you’re solving all their problems by giving them what they want. Ask yourself what are you offering your visitors and how can you leverage what you’re offering with how to make them happy. Can you offer an additional deal on the product you’re offering? Can you offer it at a less price? Can you install it for free? All these things can generate feelings of happiness and relief. When this occurs they’ll be more inclined to complete the sale and turn into a happy loyal customer.
  • Passionate Anger – Passionate anger is used by charities and other groups to get people motivated in helping with a worthy cause. For example, those who are against animal cruelty will have a passionate anger and motivation to help provide additional support and funds to a cause they’re passionate about. When selling your business to your customers, depending on the industry you’re in, you should also consider triggering this passionate anger to your advantage. This can be done by showing your support against something that your audience feels strong about. Showing them your business is also a supporter of what they believe in and that you’re also angry about the circumstances unfolding, it will help to build your reputation, which in turn can lead more people through the sales funnel. Especially if you’re trying to raise money for the cause you’re passionate about.

Emotional marketing combined with content marketing and the right images can really be a powerful combination. Leveraging it to your advantage can really help to drive your conversion rate higher depending on the business and industry you’re in.

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

2. Provide Quality and Professional Product Descriptions

Consumers will buy products from a business if they know what they’re buying. Unfortunately, while many people sell the same product, not every business will take the time to write unique, high-quality product descriptions that tell the consumer what they’ll be getting. Think about it for a moment. Would you buy a product if there wasn’t a description attached to it? Would you buy one if the product description had spelling and grammar mistakes? No, you’d be less likely to. This is why providing your consumers with a high-quality, unique professional product description is paramount to engaging them and directing them down the sales funnel. Here’re some tips to generate powerful product descriptions.

  • Write about the different features in a clear and easy to understand way, and add the benefits of each feature and how it can be of use to the customer.
  • Keep it simple and short in length. While many companies write large descriptions of 500+ words, it’s not necessary unless you’re aiming more towards SEO efforts. When writing for the customer 100-200 words is enough.
  • Add bullet points of the specifications as these days many people just scan the features instead of reading the description.
  • Triple check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Descriptions with mistakes will also damage your professional reputation.

By incorporating these into writing your description you’ll have a higher chance of engaging your audience and showing them you’re the company that has the product they need. Here’s a screenshot example of a good and bad product description.

Bad: Doesn’t offer much information for the consumer

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

Good: Gives the consumer valuable information.

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

3. Offer Helpful Articles and Blogs

Content is king when it comes to driving visitors throughout the sales funnel. Another thing to help people move through the sales funnel is to offer them helpful blogs and articles that they can use as resources for their problems. People like when a company can solve their problem for them. This is where focusing on your blog and article content is important. Some things you can consider when improving these areas to include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Make sure the content you’re providing answers a question that you visitors have been asking.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to the industry, products or services that you’re providing.
  • Make sure the content quality is superb and that all grammar and spelling mistakes are removed from the content.
  • Keep an eye out for bulky paragraphs. Always promote white space and break up your content using bullet points for the main key points.
  • Use a title that’s engaging and interesting. For example, “Hidden Secret Of Becoming A Millionaire Using $1” is better than “Best Tips To Becoming A Millionaire”

Any content that’s written should be shareable and of the highest quality. It should be useful to your readers and they should be able to take something away from it. In providing high-quality content such as this it will help them to gain trust in your company to deliver professional content, thus leading them to become continuous loyal customers and followers.

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

4. Combine Different Marketing Avenues with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to direct more people through your company sales funnel, but don’t just work on your website’s content only. Alternatively, content marketing should be combined with different types of marketing in order to gain the best results. Some other marketing avenues that you can combine with content marketing are:How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Traditional Marketing such as flyers, pamphlets, and newspapers

All these and more have the potential to really push your visitors into the sales funnel when you have a strong content strategy in place. When creating a content strategy around these marketing avenues make sure the strategy is targeted for the type of marketing. You don’t want to use the same content for all marketing channels as this won’t give you the desired effect.

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

5. Show Reviews and Testimonials

One type of content that can really improve your odds of more sales and profits is showing reviews and testimonials. These days many consumers rely heavily on the reviews and testimonials of others before purchasing their products. When showcasing your reviews and testimonials there’re a few things to consider. This include:

  • Showing both the good and bad reviews, as long as the good ones outweigh the bad ones of course.
  • Monitor your customer feedback to see whether there’s a pattern or if they’re problems that need addressing.
  • Respond to any bad reviews in a nice, polite, and peaceful manner while working towards resolving the problem of their bad review. In doing this it will only help to strengthen your reputation and bond with your customers. Other people who are considering the purchase of your products will see that your business takes the time to listen to its customers. This is a win/win for both you and them.
  • Have a reviews tab on the product page so people can quickly and easily check the reviews of the product or your company. Having them on the product pages will allow your customers to easily make a decision while on the page without having to go check up on the reviews, thus having to leave your site. This may cause them to not return.

Reviews and testimonials are an important part of the overall sale process. With more and more people relying on these small pieces of important content, it’s no wonder it’s beneficial for you to use it to your advantage.

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

How to Direct More Visitors Through the Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing


Directing more visitors through the sales funnel is all about how you use your content marketing strategy to your advantage. By taking the time to develop a powerful content marketing strategy based on these tips, you’ll have a higher percentage of gaining more sales overall. So has your content marketing strategy been lacking?

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