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5 Simple Hacks to Get More ROI from Email Marketing

5 Simple Hacks to Get More ROI from Email Marketing

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Email marketing is often praised as one of the most profitable marketing channels, and for a good reason: it has a far better ROI than any other online marketing channel. If you’re an email marketer, you probably know that composing the perfect marketing email requires a lot of hard work and experience. Still, sometimes you don’t get the results you’re aiming for. So, if you want to improve open and conversion rates of your email campaigns then read on for some good hacks.

1. Your preheader text is as important as your subject line

Most email marketers pay too much attention to their subject line, but forget to utilize their preheader space efficiently. All the hard work you have done to create a good subject line can go wasted if your preheader text is not enhancing or supplementing it. Why? Because readers take only 3-4 seconds to decide whether to open an email or not, and your preheader copy plays a critical role in encouraging them to open and read your email. Do not waste this valuable space by telling people something that isn’t important or repeating your subject line.

Here are some great examples of how to utilize your preheader space effectively:

Preheader is as important in an email as the subject line, and it should be given the same importance.

2. Improving copy can boost your opens and conversions

Content is one of the most important elements in an email. A well-written copy can help you to build a deeper relationship with your subscribers and encourage them to move forward in the buying cycle. But, when it comes to email marketing most e-commerce marketers don’t give enough importance to content. They forget that email marketing is not only about selling; it’s about engaging the audience too. If you keep your list engaged, the chances are high that your emails will perform better. But, you can’t build a strong brand identity in a day, to get there you need to create relevant content consistently. For example, if you are selling beauty products, create content that will help your subscribers to learn how to effectively use your products. But, don’t just stop there; cover other beauty tips and advice too. For example, sharing tips on foods to eat for healthy glowing skin, exercise tips, etc. Delight your customer at every step of the way.

If your content resonates well with your subscribers, then you can drive higher engagement and more conversions from your emails. Besides, it will also help you build trust with your subscribers and increase the chances of them opening your future emails too.

3. Put your audience first, conversion second to win big

“Don’t start by talking about your products and services instead think about the people you are trying to reach.”

Nobody likes to be to sold to all the time. Unfortunately, thousands of email marketers make this mistake. They forget that marketing emails should be customer-centric, not product-centric. Smart marketers use their email campaigns to initiate a dialogue with their audience, engage them with relevant content to convert them into customers. Also, try to include your brand story in your email messages. People join your email list because they want to know more about your brand, so use your email messages as an opportunity to share your brand story.

Most companies view email as a marketing medium where they can unabashedly promote their products, but in today’s competitive world, this strategy is only going to push you into their spam folders, not the inbox. Today customers expect more from a business and, in return, they’re willing to reward brands that go the extra mile with their loyalty.

4. Be consistent

One of the most common email marketing mistake marketers make is sending too many emails on some days and totally ignoring their subscribers on other days. They forget that consistency is the key to building trust. All the hard work you have done in creating good emails can go wasted if your email frequency is not right. While over mailing can lead to unsubscribes, under-mailing will affect brand recall. It’s important for a business to decide an optimal email frequency to stay on top of mind of their subscribers.

According to Lionbridge, over 45% of businesses have no clear strategy regarding the frequency of email communications. Don’t be one of them.

5. A/B testing is the key

The best way to improve your email campaigns is to A/B test each and every element – one thing at a time. After all, it’s impossible to say what will work initially.

If you ignore A/B testing, one of two things will happen. First, you will never be able to find out what is working for you. Second, you will not be able to find out what is not working for you. Either way, you run the risk of doing your email marketing based on guesswork.

Hopefully, you will found these email marketing hacks useful. Remember, there is no magic bullet that can fully guarantee the success of your email campaigns. However, by applying these hacks, you can increase the success rate of your email campaigns.

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Reshu RathiAbout the Author

Reshu Rathi is the Digital Marketing Manager at Betaout, a customer segmentation and marketing automation platform for e-commerce. Her job is to create content & marketing campaigns to help e-commerce marketers personalize their marketing & increase conversion. When she’s not working she spends her time in reading and running not simultaneous although that’d be very impressive. You can follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Linkedin

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