How Email Marketing Helps in Your Business Growth?

How Email Marketing Helps in Your Business Growth?

How Email Marketing Helps in Your Business Growth?

By Sara Jantsch

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26 Years back on May 3, 1978, Gary Thuerk composed an email-marketing with the idea to promote DEC’s newest computers (Digital Equipment Corporation, where he worked as a marketer) by sending emails to 400 users on ARPANET altogether with an email  message in CAPS!

We wanted to reach as many as people as possible to let them know about our new product. It was coming out Dec. 20 of that year, and we didn’t want to send invitations.”

Thuerk said that email marketing campaign helped him net $13 or 14 million in sales for DEC.

Unfortunately, the campaign took a U-Turn as most of the responses to the message were overwhelmingly negative causing a major uproar on the young computer network. Both Thuerk and DEC received lot of criticism and swift retribution from Defense Communications Agency (DCA) which ran ARPANET.

Since then, Gary Thuerk is known to be the “Father of Spam.”

Although Thuerk is known as the man who pioneered the ‘unloved’ practice of distributing unsolicited mass sales messages, the reality is that he was the one to introduce email-marketing to us!

And today…Email marketing has become a robust section of every comprehensive marketing plan and has built entire industries around it helping businesses of all sizes effectively.

So, Thanks to Gary Thuerk!!!

Email Marketing – Earlier and Today

Email Marketing, even in its initial days presented a number of benefits over both postal marketing and telesales as a type of direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business communications.

Currently, in addition to organizations focusing mainly on developing email marketing solutions, even individuals have become email marketing experts. Majority of the mid-sized or larger companies have at least one email marketing specialist with a team of several employees who focus solely on creating effective email marketing strategies and campaigns for benefitting the company.

Benefits of Email-Marketing

They say email advertising enriches business communications. But, what exactly is the reason behind its extreme effectiveness than any other promotional channel and why a business should spend more time to maintain an email list?

Here’s why.

1. Save Valuable Time, Effort and Dollars

Save money and save trees with Email marketing! No more fuss of   manufacturing papers, buying inks, getting advertisement printed and distributing them manually. With email marketing, you can turn marketing communications in typically less than two hours. The recurring email templates allows you to approve the copy for the email and make changes to graphics, use easy database list to decide the receivers,  and just hit send. Weeks’ of work can be completed in just a few hours by just a single employee.

2. Segment User and Client Database

Since it offers the flexibility to section database of customers with email, we can send targeted marketing campaigns that help in increased sales conversions because they are so specific.

For instance, if you sell flowers, you can find customers in your database who ever bought roses and send them an email when the new shipments come in, along with any offer, may be.

In this way, you’re using your customer database to put the most relevant message to your potential customers who are most likely to respond to it. This is what good email marketing is all about.

3. More Frequent Communications

Since emails are a quick way to send a message, you can communicate with your customers more frequently, and at any moment of time. Instead of only being able to send them a leaflet or catalog once a month or quarterly, you can easily send them offers once a week.

4. Exponentially improved Ability to Track Sales and User Engagement

There is no better marketing channel that facilitates you to draw précised and useful tracking information to help you figure out what’s successful. Well-developed email marketing platforms can offer tracking information about how many people opened an email, how many of them clicked the link in an email, how many people complained that an email was spam and unsubscribed and most importantly, whether your email even made it into your recipient’s inbox. With this data, you can check for the extent of customer engagement and response through an entire cycle with easy-to-understand metrics.

5. Expand your network

With Email marketing, you can outreach a very vast audience, all at the same time. Hence, it helps you expand your network by allowing you to capture the email address through a website opt-in box. By entering the name and email, people give you permission to market to them through email.

So, have you found success with an email campaign? Or has it been a big pain in the butt? Feel Free to share your thoughts with us!


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