Top 15 essential tools for writers and content creators

Top 15 essential tools for writers and content creators

Top 15 essential tools for writers and content creators

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photo credit: PicJumbo

photo credit: PicJumbo

Both content creators and writers need some assistance when it comes to producing quality content. Technology has made it easy for them to get the assistance they need to polish their craft and make their materials legible, logical and stand out from the ordinary lot. One may be inclined to think that using these tools may portray some weakness on the side of the writer.

However, this is not true at all. As a matter of fact, using some of these tools to assist you with your writing is a great way to increase the quality of a piece which is something all writers want. Therefore do not be afraid to take full advantage of some of these perfectly designed tools.

Tools for Managing and Organizing

Being able to manage and organize your work categorically is every writer’s dream. One needs to be in a position where they know what, when, where, and how they are going to create their content. These tools can help you with that conundrum:

1. Trello

This tool uses cards to organize your work. By simply dragging and dropping cards between lists, you can see the progress. This free and flexible tool can help you organize anything with anyone and let you see everything at a single glance. It is the best alternative to Basecamp.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar can help make event creation quicker and easier to save you a great amount of time.

3. Toggl

Time management is essential when it comes to both writing and content creation. Toggl is a tool that allows you successfully track your time in order to determine your efficiency levels during your writing.

4. Evernote

What this software will do for you is help bring your life and work together in one digital workspace. This allows you to access your content conveniently even as the tool helps you to manage your content. You can also use it to gather inspirational ideas and write meaningful words in relation to your content material.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox provides the users with an avenue to store, synchronize, and share documents in one online platform that can provide them with public access to their docs at any time and from anywhere. With the free version of the app, you get up to 16 GBs of storage space.

Tools Used for Formatting

In order to make your content appealing to readers, it needs to be properly formatted. These tools can be used to add that extra appeal to your content:

6. Title Capitalization

This tool is very effective at what it does. The tool is designed with the ability to automatically capitalize your titles in a way that is universally accepted. Do not let this issue be a bother to you; embrace this app and it will help you make the capitalization process as easy as possible.

7. Firebug

With this plugin successfully installed in your Firefox browser, the user is given the privilege of viewing any sorts of codes of any page right from their browser. The tool can help you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS.

8. Notepad++

Notepad++ is both an all-occasion program and a free source code editor that is capable of supporting a number of programming languages that run under the Microsoft Windows interface.

9. Google Fonts

Having problems with your text fonts? Embrace Google Fonts and let it do all the work for you. With about 676 different font families on display, you can rest assured you’ll land on one that is a perfect match for your content.

10. HTML Link Generator

This link generator and viewer can help you generate HTML link codes that can then be placed on your website or blog. You can also use it to create HTML link code for specifically linking them to other useful web pages.

Tools for Grabbing Screenshots

At times when writing any meaningful content, visual content is also required to drive the message home. These tools can be used to create awesome screenshots:

11. Jing

Jing is a free to use screenshot and screencast software that helps you to capture almost anything that you see appearing on your computer screen. It can either capture it as a short video or an image which can then be used in your content. The tool also allows you to share the same media with your friends across social networks.

12. Monosnap

Running as a cloud-based service, Monosnap provides the user with an easy, rapid, and convenient means to saving all your screenshots for easier accessibility.

Infographic Tools

This tool can help you create infographics which can then be inserted in your content to give it more meaning.

13. Piktochart

Piktochart provides the users with an avenue where they get to create infographics easily. You don’t need to have great skills in order for you to do this. You can create amazing and high-quality infographics, presentations, or even reports effortlessly courtesy of this awesome tool.

Writing Tools

Everyone claims to know how to write, but not everyone can write at the highest professional level. With these tools, you can take your writing to the next level.

14. Essaymama

Anyone who has problems writing can consult this online writing service for instant solutions. The writing agency is run by a professional team of writers who are knowledgeable and well trained in their fields of expertise. With such knowledge and training, you can expect them to produce, edit, or proofread high-quality content on your behalf that will match all your requirements.

15. Hemingway

This software was designed to help the users highlight common errors found in long and complex sentences. When it comes across an erroneous long sentence, it will highlight it in yellow and will require that you either shorten the sentence or better yet split it. When the highlighting is in red, you need to edit the content because that means that the sentence is complicated and dense to the extent that your readers may find a hard time trying to follow it.

Whichever tool you find comfortable enough to use, embrace it because this can be a determining factor between high-quality content and mediocrity. Always be positive about these tools and take your writing to the next level.


JulieJulie Petersen is a private English language tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and marketing trends in her articles. At present time she is running her educational blog and working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning.

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