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How to Present the Benefits of Google Ads to Clients

How to Present the Benefits of Google Ads to Clients

By John Jantsch

For those who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of online advertising, there might be hesitation when you mention giving Google Ads a try. For non-experts, the Google Ads platform looks confusing and intimidating, and if your client tried to handle advertising efforts on their own in the past, they might have been scared off.

But as we marketers know, there are a lot of benefits to advertising on Google. Google is the largest search engine by far, and its name is synonymous with online search. If your clients want to reach the broadest audience possible, they need to be advertising on Google.

Rather than diving into the technical aspects and benefits of Google Ads, it’s better to present it in terms that will resonate with a business owner. Let me share with you the best ways to highlight the many benefits of getting into Google Ads.

Jumpstart SEO

SEO is an important component of a complete marketing strategy, but getting great results through SEO takes time. Sure, there are things you can do in the short-term to immediately enhance SEO standing for your clients, but tactics like building backlinks and generating a well of meaningful content take a lot of time.

For newer businesses or those who haven’t undertaken a serious SEO strategy in the past, Google Ads is a great way to fill the gap until their SEO is up to snuff. Running Google Ads allows your client to jump to the top of SERPs, even if their organic results are landing several pages back at the moment. This provides an immediate, tangible benefit for business owners, who will see website traffic jump pretty immediately once an effective ad campaign is deployed.

Choose Your Own Keywords

With SEO, your clients are somewhat beholden to their audience to determine how they rank in results. Google takes note of how their website performs for each keyword, and this becomes a factor in where their site falls in results.

With Google Ads, however, your client is able to dictate the keywords they’d like to appear for. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Again, it allows them to take control in situations where SEO has not been properly handled in the past. It’s also a great benefit to businesses who are pivoting and are starting to target a new audience or want to push a newer offering that they have.

Finally, it allows businesses to get strategic about surpassing their competition. If there are certain terms that you know their direct competitors rank for, you can begin to target those terms, ensuring that your client’s business shows up at the top of SERPs, ahead of the organic results (and ahead of their competitor’s name).

Use Responsive Ads to Get the Greatest Results

Unlike other paid marketing offerings, Google Ads allows you to take advantage of responsive ads. This style of advertising allows you to upload a variety of options for headlines, body text, and images for each ad. Google then runs these components in various combinations and uses machine learning to determine the most effective mix.

A/B testing is a key part of any effective marketing strategy, but responsive ads allows you to do it quickly and automatically, meaning that your client will get the greatest results from A/B testing in the shortest possible amount of time.

Reach People Up and Down the Hourglass

Because paid search allows you to define the keywords your client would like to appear for and the audience they’d like to target, you can build campaigns that are specifically designed to speak to prospects and customers at different stages along the customer journey.

You can create campaigns built to increase brand awareness for those who are in the early know and like stages of the marketing hourglass. You can create different campaigns that are designed to drive a specific conversion (and a landing page for the campaign that’s designed to facilitate that conversion). And you can even create messaging that’s targeted at return customers, driving them to repeat or refer friends.

Being able to control the messaging within a Google ad campaign allows you to shore up any weak points in your client’s existing funnel. Maybe they’ve always got more leads than they know what to do with, but need help driving that try phase conversion. Google Ads empower you to speak specifically to that audience and boost results with them.

SEO and Paid are a Winning Combination

If your client does have a solid SEO strategy already in place, that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from Google Ads. In fact, there’s compelling research from Google that shows an immense benefit to running Google Ads alongside organic results. They’ve found that running paid search ads alongside organic results can drive up to 89 percent incremental volume.

Seeing your client’s name back-to-back in search results makes people all the more likely to click on either the ad or the organic result. And however you’re getting those people to your client’s website, it’s good news for your client.

Quantify Your Advertising Value

The final major benefit to running Google Ads is that Google offers unparalleled insight into your campaign’s performance. Google’s analytics are powerful, and they can help you parse out exactly what’s working and what’s not in each campaign.

This kind of knowledge allows you to demonstrate ROI, which can put your client at ease. It also provides you with insight that informs your future marketing efforts. When you understand what resonates and what doesn’t with your client’s audience, you can build future messaging to best address their needs and target future spending at the types of people who are most responsive to that messaging.

Google Ads are a valuable addition to any business’s marketing toolbox. However, some business owners are hesitant to make the investment, either because they don’t understand the platform or have been burned by it in the past. When you’re able to frame the benefits in easy-to-understand ways that are built around defining the positive ROI potentials, you can make a compelling case for embracing Google Ads as a part of their marketing strategy.

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