Use the Marketing Hourglass to Examine the Customer Journey

Use the Marketing Hourglass to Examine the Customer Journey

Use the Marketing Hourglass to Examine the Customer Journey

By Sara Jantsch

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Define the journey your customers go on, Photo via PhotoPin

You’ve probably noticed that our content theme this month is The Customer Journey. In our blogs we’ve been highlighting all different points of contact in the marketing hourglass, different ways to view the hourglass, and what is important throughout the buying process.

To my surprise and delight, we’ve seen a multitude of ways to approach the hourglass, all successful in their own way. Different industries might use different terminology than Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer. Some of you might use an organized formula while some might just use the hourglass to get a conversation flowing in the right direction. In our breakthrough training call, we asked Kevin Jordan, Mark Fortune, David Smith and Debra Mendes to give us some examples of how they’ve used the hourglass and how successful it’s been for their clients.

It’s obvious, the Marketing Hourglass truly serves as a framework and map to every marketing strategy. There are four important things to consider throughout the process:

  • Personas
  • Steps
  • Goals
  • Processes

By mapping out the many personas and points of contact in your (or your client’s) marketing hourglass, you can then control each point of contact. By adding control, you can ensure customers are truly gaining the best experience with your brand. In John’s post this month, he outlines the 60 ways to screw up the customer experience.

What is your key takeaway when considering the marketing hourglass?

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