How to Improve Your Business's Wow Factor

How to Improve Your Business’s Wow Factor

How to Improve Your Business’s Wow Factor

By John Jantsch


As a marketing consultant, you’re likely aware of the marketing and sales funnel which suggests you start with a large target group and convert a few of them into clients. I don’t necessarily agree with this notion. For years, I’ve been promoting what I call, The Marketing HourglassTM, which is a more holistic and effective approach in the “era of the client” we live in today.

The Marketing Hourglass acknowledges that as a marketer, you need to get someone with a need to know, like and trust you and that you then need to plan to turn that know, like and trust into try, buy, repeat and refer. Each of these stages must address a prospect’s evolving relationship with your organization.

One of the most important pieces of the Marketing Hourglass is the focus on the client experience. Instead of simply guiding clients through the stages of their client journey, you need to wow them throughout each phase.

Few businesses do anything that surprises a client these days or over-delivers on a promise, which creates an incredible opportunity for your company to stand out.

Read on to improve your business’ wow factor throughout the client journey.

Before you begin

Before you dive into specific tactics, you must analyze your current impact throughout the journey. Consider how you can dramatically increase the impact you make at each stage. When you dive into the ways to improve your client experience, start with where your gaps are first, and then optimize the areas you are already making efforts in.


This is the initial introduction of your company, and as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Go above and beyond in this phase and show you’ve done your homework and know who your ideal client is by speaking directly to them and showing you understand their wants, problems, and needs. Be very selective in your marketing messaging here.

This phase is not to be taken lightly. I can’t stress this enough: You must know your ideal clients inside and out. Failing to do this will not set you up for success as you move throughout the rest of the journey.

Ways to go above and beyond:

  • Develop engaging content that speaks directly to your ideal client
  • Ensure your website includes messaging and imagery that speaks to your ideal client as well
  • All marketing materials and advertising should be targeted towards your ideal client. The more personal this messaging is, and the more you can establish an emotional connection with them, the better your odds will be of enticing them to learn more about you.
  • Step away from the digital world and network in person. No matter how good technology gets, nothing can replace face-to-face human interaction.


If you were successful in grabbing your ideal clients’ attention, then they likely will go and do more research on your business. You must create a defined process for allowing people to learn more about your company without any commitment.

Ways to go above and beyond:

  • Get involved in your community. Community involvement can send a strong message about what you and your brand are passionate about (furthering the potential for an emotional connection with your ideal client).
  • Interact with people on social media and show there is a real person behind your computer.
  • Show off your company culture. People experience culture through people and this in itself can be a great marketing tactic (bonus if you genuinely have an awesome and unique company culture).


No one buys from companies they do not trust. During the trust-building phase, your prospect may need to be nurtured for a time. Remember, everyone in the company who comes into contact with a client or potential client is performing a trust-building or-eroding practice, so make sure everybody you work with can confidently convey your core message and represent your brand well.

Ways to go above and beyond: 

  • Improve your SEO tactics so that you show up at the top of search results
  • Create an online review and reputation strategy to boost those 5-star ratings
  • Write frequent educational blog posts
  • Create valuable content including how-to checklists and information-based webinars


This can be a tricky part of the journey and is often the stage that most people neglect, but it’s important that you don’t. You must create a way for potential clients to sample your business. By providing lower-priced services to support your core services, you are able to reach markets that may not have enough experience with your company to determine if they should go with you or not. By giving them better insight into your company and offering that transparency, you can gain the upper hand above your competition.

Ways to go above and beyond:

  • Offer free reports and audits to your prospects
  • Offer free trial periods
  • Offer free demos of your services


How you orient your client with your business once they say “yes” is a referral marketing touch point that is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. In this stage, expectations are everything, so it’s important you have an orientation process that really wows your client.

Ways to go above and beyond: 

  • Provide a “Welcome Kit” with information about your business, your staff, culture, training materials, processes, and so on.
  • Deliver a “shock and awe” package. As the name implies, this is something you can send to a new client that shocks them because it’s so awesome and unexpected. Examples of what to include in this package are a thank you notes, flowers, or basically anything else that makes you stand out. If you picked up on anything they like thus far in the process, include that (for example, if the client mentioned on the call that they love red velvet, include red velvet cupcakes in that package). Do something so great that it forces them to tell others what you did, which will increase your chances for referrals.


One of the best ways to grow your business is to do more with existing clients. The key factor in creating repeat business and long-term loyalty is to make certain that your clients are getting the most value possible from working with you. Far too often do we assume our clients are getting the results they desired or were promised. It’s essential that you review with your clients the value they received from working with you. It’s a great way to fix gaps in service with specific clients and gain invaluable insights on how to get better throughout each stage of the journey.

Ways to go above and beyond:

  • Provide ongoing training to your clients
  • Review results with your clients monthly – This will not only let them know how their marketing efforts are coming along, but it gives you an opportunity to meet with them and continue to build rapport.


It’s important to intentionally generate referrals, which not a lot of businesses do. You know you have built a referral engine when this type of action becomes common within your clients. The ultimate goal is to lead every client to this place. 

Ways to go above and beyond:

  • Create peer-to-peer discussion panels that allow your clients to discuss solutions and challenges.
  • Hold events that focus on networking and referral opportunities
  • Host educational presentations and introduce your strategic partners to your clients.

Are you currently going above and beyond for your prospects and clients? I’d love to hear about some of your tactics!

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