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How to Improve Your Pay Per Click Marketing

How to Improve Your Pay Per Click Marketing

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How to Improve Your Pay per Click MarketingPay per Click marketing is one of the most crucial components for the success of online business. It is an excellent way to promote your offerings, reach your potential customers and lead you towards a successful digital marketing campaign. For businesses to grow in a productive manner, they must not neglect the benefits of PPC and consider it as in the opportunity to promote their business.

Why Does A Business Need PPC?

A business is unknown unless it does not market itself and since it is the era of digital marketing, so every business need to have a profound online presence to flourish. With PPC, a quick reach is made to the prospective customers through targeting specific demographic and keywords which tend to reach the targeted audience fast.

Building up a responsive website, designing a unique logo design, writing SEO optimized content will work to establish your brand, but will not get you sales conversions speedily. Accept the fact that Pay per Click marketing is important to all businesses either a startup or a known brand and also learn how to improve PPC with the below steps.

Plan A Cost Effective PPC

Starting your PPC with a low budget is the most cost effective approach that professionals follow as they start their PPC activity with a small campaign of low cost and monitor the results.

Fortunately, PPC has metrics that measure every single action like impressions your ads receive, the number of visitors and clicks you get, cost incurred and conversions. So, the results you get from the metrics let you spend more on the campaign or let you go back to your drawing board to do it again. A slow and a measurable start will let your business grow well, but make sure to study the PPC numbers regularly before spending more.

Hire Professionals For PPC Advertising

PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but it takes technical knowledge and experience to do it in an adequate manner. Hiring a PPC expert will cost you less than running a PPC campaign on your own and getting into the heavy burden of costs.

Moreover, a PPC professional can research about keywords, cost controls ways, making a good copy of Ad, conducting competitive analysis and work for a prominent result against spent costs.

Increase Your Cost Budget For Effective Campaigns:

The most obvious step in PPC advertising is to increase the cost budget on campaigns that were profitable and generated traffic and conversions.

Learn How To Place PPC Ads on Google AdWords

  • Reach your customers with an effective PPC Ad that must be specific, appealing and relevant.
  • Add at least one keyword in your Ad to show its relevancy with your offerings.
  • Make sure that clicking on the Ad directs the users to your landing page where they see the promotions and offers for which they have clicked your Ad. If they do not find the landing page relevant, they will switch away from your site.
  • Consider making Ads that work well on the mobile devices as most of the users are using mobile devices for their searches.
  • Keep your URLs clear, spell check and format your Ad before placing.

How to Make an Effective Ad on Bing

Look at the below example of a PPC Ad on Bing,

  • The main headline of the Ad is what the visitors notice. Make it precise and accurate.
  • Keep both the descriptions relevant and appealing.
  • Place an appropriate URL that matches with the content of your Ad.

How to Improve Your Bids for PPC Ads

  • Keep the cost per click low in the beginning and evaluate the average CPC cost against your results.
  • Identify the keywords that bring in more impression and traffic to your Ad. The statistical report will help you in the identification of the keywords that positioned well and increased your conversion rate, so you can invest more on those keywords campaign.
  • Identify the demographics, the best and the worst selling day to keep track of how well are your working and where do you need to invest less or more.

Adding Long Tail Keywords

The cost per click becomes high with the increase in the bids on particular keywords. The ultimate aim is to lower the CPC yet to get traffic which can be done with long tail keywords.

As specific keywords have a higher bid rate which increases your CPC, you must search long tail and less competitive keywords and group it in Ads to lower the CPC and get conversions at a lower cost.

Review Your Keywords

Identify and eliminate the ineffective and negative keywords that waste your budget on clicks as they do not get you any conversions. Spending on PPC yet getting no conversions makes it obvious that you are bidding on irrelevant keywords that only works in incurring high CPC costs than conversions.

The complete PPC conversion is based on the selection of your keywords which is an ongoing process for all your running and new campaigns. PPC Ads with same keywords throughout are likely to fail as it requires timely research of highly valuable, relevant, long-tail and low-cost keywords to drive traffic to your site.

You will ultimately be paying for the web traffic that does no benefit to your business and becomes a hurdle in your business growth.Pay for keywords that lead to higher PPC click rate, increased conversion, and higher profits which can be done if you bid on keywords related to your product or services.

Evaluate Your Landing Page

Why do you run PPC? It is to direct customers to your site and buy your offerings. What is the use of spending high costs on PPC Ads, getting traffic but no conversions? The Ad’s landing page is how well you maintain your score and let your visitors land on the page as you want them.

Tips for a Good Landing Page:

  • Do not direct the users to your homepage.
  • Direct your users to the page that is relevant to the Ad.
  • The landing page must have clear headlines and content that matches with the keywords of the Ad.
  • The landing page must have a “Call to Action” button for the visitors to complete the action for which they intended reaching to your site.
  • Keep track of the traffic you get to your landing page. You may also change it to evaluate responses for other pages of your site.

In A Nutshell

The above-described ways are certainly not the only methods that will help in lowering your PPC costs, as there are much more ways, the more you learn, the better you will do. A step by step process with appropriate changes can help you out better in the long run. Moreover, you can also experiment your Ads groups, run social media advertisements, use Ad Extensions and much more to increase the conversion rate.

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