Ken Tucker - Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker

By Sara Jantsch

15052166711_34984a24e5_oKen was with us in Kansas City for our first Certification Training of 2015. From all the way across the state in St. Charles, Mo., he provided the group with some great tips from the perspective of an agency owner and marketing instructor. He is the founder of a small business-focused marketing and website design company. Let me introduce, Ken Tucker, Changescape Web.

  1. Describe your business:

After years in the technology industry, I saw a need to help small businesses get online and make them searchable, so that they could grow and evolve their business. Changescape Web was founded in 2005 with the goal of helping our clients become wildly successful.

Through Changescape, we help businesses develop four pillars of online marketing success – content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online public relations. We utilize Duct Tape Marketing to provide an organized recurring strategy for each of our clients.

Through Duct Tape and my opportunity to teach content and social media marketing at St. Charles Community College, I’ve developed a passion for teaching and training marketing to small and mid-size businesses as well.

  1. What is your Superpower?

Coming from a technology background, I can provide expert advice for online marketing. Anything from websites and SEO to social media and e-commerce is right in my wheelhouse. Also, seeing the big picture is my specialty. I can organize, synthesize and link together tactics and ideas to form the overall strategic goal for any client.

  1. Name the last 5 books you’ve read:
  • Inbound Marketing – Halligan and Shah
  • New Rules of Marketing and PR, 4th Ed – Meerman-Scott
  • WordPress All-in-One for Dummies
  • Naked In Death – Nora Roberts
  • Sixty Days and Counting – Kim Stanley Robinson

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