10 Quick Pinterest Marketing Tips

10 Quick Pinterest Marketing Tips

10 Quick Pinterest Marketing Tips

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10 Quick Pinterest Marketing Tips - Duct Tape Marketing

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You don’t need a Ph.D. in Pinterest to get results from this ever expanding social media platform. Here are ten tips you can implement right now. They don’t require a lot of time or effort to execute, making it ideal for small business owners and marketers.

Optimizing Pins

Optimizing your pins increases their performance in search results. Pinterest’s search algorithms aren’t that sophisticated, so using multiple keywords in the description is often all it takes. Of course you want to incorporate those keywords naturally in your text, otherwise it risks coming across as spam.

Pins don’t need to be limited to a solitary image either. In fact, you can feature more than one product in a single pin or even display multiple uses for a single product. This way you create broader appeal, especially to prospects who are at the beginning stage of the buyer’s journey.

Optimizing Images

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With so many pins competing for limited screen space and attention, using the best images possible is absolutely critical. Although Pinterest does automatically scales images that get pinned, there are a few things you can do to ensure your pictures achieve prominence.

Scale your image dimensions to between 2:3 and 1.3:5, with the standard width being 600 pixels. Using text overlay on images is very popular, something easily achieved with a graphics programs like Canva. Contrasting colors work well in getting attention, but keep in mind that images with lighter colors get repined more often. Step-by-step tutorials typically receive the most engagement on Pinterest, so where possible, use this type of content.

Optimizing Content

Although Pinterest is predominantly a visual platform, written content still performs some vital functions. Users search for pins using keywords, and as previously mentioned, incorporating keywords into the description can increase its search volume. Board descriptions and your Pinterest profile are two other places where you can tactfully incorporate keywords.

Keep descriptions short and to the point, so that you can maximize their impact. People don’t really read on Pinterest, instead they scan. Avoid being verbose and focus on creating content with a strong call-to-action.


A strong call-to-action (CTA) is vital in getting users to take a desired action. Although any type of engagement is better than nothing, well crafted CTA’s create the type of interaction that have the highest value. CTAs that work well include ‘Repin’, ‘Learn More’, Enter our Sweepstakes’, and ‘Buy Now’.

Optimizing Boards

Boards are used to organize pins, and through optimization, can be leveraged to increase engagement and performance in search results. Like pins, boards have descriptions which should be optimized through the use of relevant keywords carefully crafted in an enticing description with an appropriate call-to-action.

Consider setting up one or more group boards where multiple people can contribute. One way to use such a board is to gain thought leadership, raising your profile among your peers. Alternatively, you can use a group board as a way of customer research to gain insight into their wants, needs, and desires.

Scheduling Pins

Most companies typically find that pinning four to five times a day brings the best results. Although publishing these pins immediately may be efficient, it offers a poor experience for your followers; some may even consider it spamming as it crowds their stream. Ideally, you should schedule pins so they are spread throughout the day, concentrating on the times when your audience is most likely to see them. Viralwoot is one such tool that offers pin scheduling and can determine your optimum posting schedule.

Pinterest Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Pinterest’s analytics platform for business accounts helps you monitor pin performance and study consumer behavior. Watch how these trends develop over time. Use it to discover what content resonates best with your audience and from where they are coming.

Using Rich Pins

Pinterest users are predisposed to online purchasing and the company has capitalized on this trend by offering “Rich Pins.” There are several types of rich pins available with each one having a particular use; app, place, recipe, article, and product. Rich Pins include extra information right on the pin itself. For example, product pins include real-time pricing, availability and where the product can be purchased. App pins include an install button, allowing users to download your app without ever leaving Pinterest.

Running Contests

Starting a contest can provide greater exposure for your brand, boost interaction, gain more followers and create new leads. Before starting, you should familiarize yourself with Pinterest’s brand guidelines. Running a successful and compliant Pinterest contest isn’t difficult, but it does require some planning ahead of time. Here are six tips that will help.

Pin it or Save it Button

Formerly known as Pin it button, the new Save it button enables users to pin stuff from your website to their own boards.  Make sure you confirm your website with Pinterest so you can see what people are saving from your site.

Short on time? Pick one of the above Pinterest marketing tips and start developing your skill. Repetition breeds familiarity which in turns enhances efficiency.

Stephen JeskeStephen Jeske frequently writes about digital marketing and is a regular contributor to the Viralwoot blog where he discusses strategies and tactics to improve your Pinterest marketing. Follow him on Pinterest, Twitter or email: stephen@viralwoot.com.

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