What is a Reddit AMA and is it Right for My Client?

What is a Reddit AMA and is it Right for My Client?

What is a Reddit AMA and is it Right for My Client?

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ama_screenEach month, reddit.com receives over 100 million unique visitors and billions of page views. With over 9,000 active communities centered around various topics and demographics, it is time for marketers to take a serious look at reddit as a marketing platform. One of the most rewarding strategies that marketers can start with is a reddit AMA.

What is reddit?

Reddit is a content sharing and community platform. The main unit of content on reddit is a “post”, which can only be submitted by users with a reddit account. People visit reddit to consume content and participate in communities (called “subreddits”) centered around their interests.

What is a reddit AMA?

A reddit AMA is a question and answer session between a reddit user and a reddit community (AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”). AMAs are interesting because they are an efficient way for an individual to have an intimate conversation with a large community. The secret is reddit’s voting mechanism which allows the community to vote on the questions they submit to the user. Questions that are “upvoted” are pushed up the page and questions that are “downvoted” are pushed down the page. This allows the user to focus on the questions that are supported by the community and ignore the rest.

Here is an AMA by author Matthew Reilly:

During this AMA, Matthew responded to over 100 questions from reddit users. You can see in the copy of the AMA that Matthew linked to Amazon where users can buy his book.

Matthew’s AMA was done in the “IAmA” subreddit (pronounced “I am a”), which is a community dedicated specifically to reddit AMAs. The subreddit has over 7 million subscribers and is one of the largest communities on reddit, however, AMAs can happen in any subreddit. The IAmA subreddit is great if you want to connect with a general audience, but you can also engage more targeted communities by finding the right subreddit.

View Matthew Reilly’s AMA on reddit.

Why do a reddit AMA?

A reddit AMA is an opportunity to have an intimate conversation with a community that is interested in your client. An AMA can produce hundreds of positive interactions between your client and the community. AMAs often generate valuable feedback, interesting stories, and overlooked complaints.

Additionally, an AMA is an opportunity to promote something to a targeted community. AMAs are often used to promote product launches and events. They can also be used to simply generate brand awareness or to touch base with a specific community.

Is my client right for an AMA?

Determining if your client is right for a reddit AMA is very important. A client that is not ready for an AMA can have a bad experience that could negatively affect their brand. Here are the key attributes that make a client a good candidate for an AMA.

Unique experience, expertise, or authority

The client has to bring something to the table. A unique experience is interesting and entertaining to reddit users. Expertise ignites the curiosity of reddit communities and gives them someone that can answer their questions. Authority connects a reddit community to an influential leader and gives them a sounding board for their ideas.

Willing to answer almost any question about themselves and their business

Reddit users understand that some questions cannot be answered, but AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything” and they will hold the client to that if they think a question is fair. Do not suggest reddit AMAs to clients that have problems with transparency or authenticity.

Ready to put in the time and effort to connect with a reddit community

An AMA is not just another interview. The client must work with you to plan the AMA and be willing to learn about the reddit platform and reddit AMAs.

Also, the client must spend at least 1 hour answering questions during the AMA. These answers must be quality and detailed responses if they want to connect with the reddit community.

Next Steps

After you have identified a client that is right for an AMA, it is time to start planning the AMA. We created The Marketer’s Guide to reddit AMAs, which is a free and comprehensive guide to planning and executing a successful AMA. Download the guide here.

Bonus: I am happy to answer any questions you have about reddit and reddit AMAs. Post your questions in the comments section and I will help however I can!


david_digiovanniDavid DiGiovanni is a reddit marketing consultant. He helps clients engage their target audience on reddit with AMAs, advertising, and community development. He writes about reddit marketing on his blog, MarketersGuideToReddit.com.


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I have a startup called SocialQuant and we’re a tool that uses a proprietary algorithm & big data to increase the size and quality of a Twitter account rapidly.

Again we’re a startup but growing fast. Would AMA be an area for us to gain exposure or a different area on reddit?

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