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Seo vs Adwords – Pros and Cons

Seo vs Adwords – Pros and Cons

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Seo vs Adwords - Pros and ConsOnly once your website is up and running does the real hard work start – making it visible and easily accessible to thousands of everyday web visitors.  In order to become your potential clients, people first need to be able to find you, of course. However, the secret of becoming more successful than your rivals battling for the same ground is to wisely strategize your SEO and Adwords campaigns.

But then you are faced with a dilemma – which platform to choose as your main strategy for advertising. As any other method, both SEO and Adwords have their strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages and setbacks of SEO

In short, SEO enables you to improve the status of your website by enhancing your presence on the Internet. It helps you rank higher in the search engine positions through a number of different techniques.

The main characteristic of SEO is that it happens organically (most of the time). There are certain areas you need to cover, like providing quality content, making good use of keywords relevant to your potential clients and ultimately promoting your website across the web.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of using SEO in making progress with your site:

  • It’s quite an inexpensive means of improving your business if you take into account the potential benefits of ranking high and scaling your business in the process.
  • If you make the right and informed decision on what your target keywords are, you can increase the number of organic visits by a huge margin. Consequently, the conversion rate will also go up.
  • SEO strategies that are available to you are numerous – you can concentrate on marketing through social media or invest in link building. You could also focus on content marketing or, for example, on-page optimization. But to unlock the full potential of SEO – you should seek to combine all these areas in a well thought-out campaign.
  • In the long run, the continuous work with SEO surely pays off.

On the other hand, the setbacks of using SEO should also be taken into account before committing yourself to a campaign.

  • If you don’t do your homework properly regarding the right keywords you could fail to see the results completely. If you decide to chase after too general or too competitive keywords, it is possible that you will have to wait more than several months to notice any changes in the SERPS, if they happen at all.
  • Another problem with the keywords is that they can sometimes quickly change rankings in the SERPS, so the position of your website can vary in a matter of days. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly pay attention to the keywords your competitors use in order to stay on the top.
  • SEO is a marathon game. Without committing enough effort over significant periods of time you won’t be able to climb to the top.

Advantages and setbacks of Adwords

Adwords functions as a pay-per-click platform. A website owner essentially pays Google in order to claim the top spot in the SERPS, trumping all your regular SEO efforts in the process. Seems a bit unfair, right? Every single click on your ad costs money and competition drive the price of clicks up. You could easily find keywords that cost more than $100 per click.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from using Adwords:

  • If you can afford it, you can claim the #1 spot with ease (above the regular rankings). Thus, you have a better chance of being visible on the web.
  • The positive results can be seen in a really short period of time. The instance your ad is verified by Google, the traffic you aim for will start pouring in quickly.
  • Depending on your goal, you can choose between different methods of advertising. For example, Adwords experts from Sidney recommend one of the methods called vCPM (viewable cost-per-thousand impressions), where the point is to boost your brand awareness. Another possibility is to work with CPA (cost-per-acquisition), where you only pay money to Google if a visitor buys something from your site or does any other action that you have previously specified.

Even though the positive impact of Adwords on your site’s traffic can be really fast, take a look at some of the disadvantages of this way of advertising:

  • If you don’t make a proper selection of keywords or if you don’t target the ad appropriately, you will only be wasting your money. Google will charge you for clicks from visitors who are not of relevance for your website.
  • There are strict regulations when it comes to advertising through Adwords. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be in danger of getting your Adwords account closed.
  • Even though this strategy brings immediate results, it doesn’t last forever. If you want to keep it at the same speed, you will have to be able to pay a considerable amount of money frequently, which rarely suits anybody’s budget. As soon as you quit the program, your traffic will disappear.

The middle ground – combining SEO with Adwords

In essence, there is no need to give up on one of these two methods of advertising your brand. SEO and Adwords do not exclude one another. You can opt for both paths if you have the means to finance it.

If your site is completely new, you might want to allocate a small budget for Adwords to boost your business in a short period of time and get immediate reactions while you work your way up the SEO ladder organically. Adwords is a means of getting where you want to be really quickly, but SEO is what will keep you there, once the initial impact is gone.

Bottom Line

Whichever strategy you choose to promote your business with, the most important thing is to do a detailed research and to inform yourself as much as possible. Both SEO and Adwords have their strong sides, you just have to use them wisely or combine them together in the best possible way for your site.


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John StoneJohn Stone is a web entrepreneur and an SEO expert. Through years of experience, he became a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur. He currently advises companies about Web Design in Sydney. You can find him on Twitter.

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