3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love

3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love

3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love

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3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love - Duct Tape Marketing

If you want to understand social CRM software you need to first know what CRM software is. CRM (customer relationship management) software, is designed to do one thing, manage your relationship with your customers. It also helps you collect and organize customer data in one centralized system. A good CRM will help you to guide your customers along the buyer journey, increasing customer loyalty and skyrocketing your revenue. In fact, research has shown that CRM software pays back $8.71 for every dollar spend.

This may sound like a big fancy Rolodex, but CRM software goes further than that. Unlike traditional database systems like Excel spreadsheets, CRM software has more automated functions such as visualizing marketing campaigns and tracking the result of these campaigns.

Social CRM software does the same things as traditional CRM software, but it also collects your customer’s public facing social media profile data.

The benefits of leveraging social media data are numerous. One technique harnessed by marketers is to create highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns for customers on Facebook. If they lose a customer they could send an ad that says  “We miss you, come back!” with an offer attached.

Another important benefit is that it gives you the ability to respond to customers in their chosen channel. Research has found that failing to respond to customers via their chosen social channels can lead to a 15% increase in churn!

For example, if you’re operating a major airline and a customer tweets you about how upset they are about a flight cancellation, you can link the Twitter profile to the customer information in your database and call the customer to try to resolve the issue. You could then send a follow-up email a few days later to see if the customer is happy with the resolution. If you’ve linked social channels to your customer database, you will also be able to see if a customer is a new customer or a legacy customer – and work out the appropriate response.

But if your customer data is siloed across various platforms, this is obviously a difficult task to do. The key is to unlock these silos so that information flows freely through your organizational systems. One way to do this is to use social CRM software.

Here are three social CRM systems that allow you to fully harness the power of social media:


Insightly a contact management, opportunity, and pipeline management as well as task management solution for small businesses. All you have to do is type in your contact’s email address and Insightly will detect every social media account attached to that email. You can see Twitter content, your customer’s public LinkedIn profile in the customer profile in Insightly. Navigation to customer’s public profiles on Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Picasa and Klout, is with a single click.

Pricing: FREE for up to 2 users.


Nimble focuses on the importance of social relationships. It’s “Social Listening” feature is a great tool

3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love - Duct Tape Marketing

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to align your customer database with their social media accounts.  It gathers together your contacts interactions from email, Twitter, and Facebook Pages – all in one screen. You will be able to see important milestones, such as birthdays or new jobs, and respond accordingly, for example with a birthday discount. You can also respond in real time on social media and Nimble will save these interactions so you have a complete record of your social media interaction with your customers. Nimble allows you to search for keywords that are important for your business, so you can easily monitor trends. You can save these searches so that Nimble automatically scans for them on your behalf.

Pricing: $15 per user per month.

HubSpot CRM

HumbSpot CRM is so simple to use, you’ll be navigating it like a pro within an hour.  HubSpot CRM automatically captures social media information, including customer interactions, and matches it up with customer information in the CRM.

Pricing: Free.

3 Social CRMs Marketers Will Love - Duct Tape Marketing

photo credit HubSpot

HubSpot has its strengths in its integrations. Suzie Blaszkiewicz, Market Researcher from GetApp, a reviews hub for CRM software agrees saying that

“One of it’s biggest advantages is the number of integrations it offers, especially with other marketing and customer management software. This helps provide a seamless experience for marketing, sales, and contact management efforts and ensures consistency between departments.”

HubSpot has a social integration which delves deep into social media profiles. Aptly named “HubSpot Social” this HubSpot CRM integration turns HubSpot CRM into a social media powerhouse.  Here are the top HubSpot integration to help you turn your humble HubSpot platform into an unstoppable machine. Features include: One timeline with color-coded keywords that matter to you,  publish and schedule social media posts, follow your customers on social media, so you can prep yourself for a big meeting by gaining context from their social media profiles.  To make use of the social integration you will need to move to their marketing software and prices for this software begin at $185 per month.

The main goal of harnessing social media data is to enhance your customer’s journey and as a consequence your marketing system. Some personalized touches can go a long way in building relationships with your customers, and help take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

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Vanessa RombautVanessa Rombaut
is the Digital Communications Marketer at PieSync. @PieSync helps you to sync your customer data bi-directionally between your favorite cloud apps and your CRM.

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