Use Social Media to Influence Your Customer Journey

Use Social Media to Influence the Customer Journey

Use Social Media to Influence the Customer Journey

By Sara Jantsch

Today’s Guest Post is by Massimo Chieruzzi – Enjoy! 

The growth of social media is astonishing, with no reason to believe this trend will reverse anytime in the near future.

Check out these statistics from Adweek:
• More than 255 million Twitter users send approximately 500 million tweets every day
• There are more than 50 million Facebook pages

Does that give you a better idea of just how powerful social media has become?

Why People use Social Media

Some people use social media to communicate with friends and family. Others use it to share thoughts with their audience. And then there are consumers who turn to social media for buying information, guidance, and advice. This goes along with the hundreds of thousands of brands using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (among other platforms) to connect with their target audience.

For companies, there are many ways to use social media to influence the customer journey. Here are some strategies for getting started:

Brand Awareness

You can’t expect somebody to make a purchase until they are familiar with your brand. Social media can help with this.

Across social platforms, there’s always some form of content doing the rounds. A majority of the trending stories are posted by brands aiming to create awareness about their products and services.

Nike is a great example of this. Here is a screenshot of its Facebook page:

With nearly 23 million likes, there are a lot of people out there who want to stay in touch with the company. Posting updates about new releases (and past products) allows the company to build awareness. This update has nearly 3,500 likes.

That is what you call the power of social media. For additional reach, companies can leverage Facebook ads and similar ad offerings on other networks to create even greater awareness.

Brand and Product / Service Evaluation

Regardless of what a person shops for on the web, one thing holds true: they won’t have to search far for reviews and opinions. This is particularly true in today’s world of social media dominance.
As a company, you want to do two things:

• Promote positive reviews and testimonials by sharing these via social channels.
• Respond to any negative reviews, comments, or feedback.

Sephora, the cosmetics brand, shows one way this can be done.

What you see here is a tweet that promotes a video of a celebrity using one of its products. When a consumer comes across something like this, they are not only inclined to watch the video, but they are more inclined to make a purchase.

 Product Demo

This doesn’t apply to every business, but it holds true for some. Do you sell the type of product that can be demonstrated? If so, one of the best ways to influence buyers is by sharing these actions through social media.

Like many, your smartphone is always by your side. And like many, you worry about damaging your device. LifeProof is one of the top manufacturers of smartphone cases. With so much competition, it is only natural for the company to look for ways to set itself apart. It has been able to do just that through product demonstrations. Here is what we are talking about:

The company retweeted this image of a user taking on wet conditions, all with his Samsung smartphone and LifeProof case in hand. When a consumer sees something like this, they can resonate with the product.

Customer Service

The customer journey doesn’t stop once you deliver a product or service. In fact, this is just the beginning. If you want the person to spread the “good word” about your company, while also checking you out again in the future, you need to provide top of the line customer service.

Southwest Airlines has a great reputation for top-notch customer service.

Even when things are going bad, the company always monitors its social networks to stay in touch with customers. As you can see below, Southwest Airlines never sleeps on providing customers with great service.

Final Thoughts

The use of social media to influence the customer journey is not something your business should overlook. The tips mentioned above should help you influence the journey of your audience through your social media strategy.

Massimo Adespresso Author Bio: Massimo is founder & CEO of AdEspresso, an optimization tool for Facebook Ads. Even tho’ he’s working in the advertising business he loves Inbound Marketing & SEO and personally writes most of the contents of their Facebook Ads Academy.


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