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Powerful Social Media Outreach Tactics You May Not Have Thought Of

Powerful Social Media Outreach Tactics You May Not Have Thought Of

By John Jantsch

A good social media outreach strategy is all about balance. If you’re not forward enough in putting your brand out there, you’ll be ignored. But go too far the other way, and your outreach begins to feel spammy and is off-putting to prospects.

If you want to create an effective strategy that strikes the right balance between assertiveness and overreach, check out these tactics that you might not have considered.

Share Content Along with Your Point of View

Sharing an influencer’s content can be a great way to get on their radar screen. But this tactic is only effective if you do something extra to stand out. Don’t simply hit the “share” button on others’ articles. Take the time to add your own commentary on the content that you’re sharing. And to go a step further, leave a thoughtful comment on the influencer’s original post (something more than a simple like or “great article”).

Taking these additional steps doesn’t require a lot of time, but most people simply don’t do it. When you put in this extra effort, it gives the influencer a sense of where you’re coming from, and provides a window for you to actually engage in a conversation with this person. There’s not much they can say in response to a like or a one-word response on their post, but if you leave a more substantial comment or ask a pertinent question, you’re a lot more likely to catch their eye.

Get Guest Posting

I’ve talked recently about the SEO value in being a podcast guest. But it’s also smart to leverage your guest blogging or podcasting into social media outreach opportunities.

When you’re a guest on another business’s website, there are a few steps you should take. First, go out of your way to promote the content to your own channel. This is a step that some guest bloggers or podcasters forget to take, but it’s a simple way to generate more content that your audience might want to engage with you on.

Second, pay attention to mentions on your guest post or podcast episode in your host’s network. By appearing on their platform, you’ve now been introduced to their audience. When someone who follows their blog or podcast comments on your episode on social media, take the time to respond directly! This is an introduction to a potential lead, and they already know and trust you from seeing you appear on a website they already like, so it’s a great opportunity to make a new connection.

Contribute to Q&As (or Start Your Own!)

Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) and live Q&As are a great way to establish your presence as an authority in a community.

If there is a Q&A session happening in a relevant industry group, consider attending and participating in the conversation by asking thoughtful questions and sharing any opinions you have on the topic at hand. This is a way for you to get in front of a new audience who you already know is interested in your area of expertise by virtue of the fact that they’re attending this Q&A.

You can also start your own Q&A or AMA sessions on social media. Twitter is a great place to host a live written Q&A, but with the live video components available on Facebook and Instagram, you can also host sessions there and field questions in real time as people interact with your videos.

If you make these live AMAs a regular thing, that’s a great way to build an audience of interested parties and to establish yourself a well-respected expert in your field.

Consider Paid Promotion and Boosting Posts

Posting content on your regular social media pages is an important way to get conversations started around your brand. But sometimes it helps to take things a step further and boost your existing posts. Most social channels offer a feature where you can pay a fee to increase engagement on a post you’ve already created and shared through non-paid channels.

When you boost your existing post, it can help you to not only generate more likes and comments, it also shares your content with a broader audience than might ordinarily have seen it. Once you’ve gotten the attention of these other prospects on social media, it is again critical to engage with their responses on the post.

Incorporate Automation

When marketing automation is used improperly, it can take your social media outreach efforts into the realm of spam. But when it’s done well, it can eliminate some of the more tedious elements of outreach  and allow you to focus on more strategic marketing moves.

Using content discovery tools can help you find content to share that will be relevant for your audience, while saving you from having to slog through search results on Google. You can also take advantage of scheduling platforms that allow you to consistently share content and identify the best times to post—ones that give you the best shot at engaging with your audience.

Finally, the analytics that come along with most automation tools give you insight into how your posts are performing and can help you create and shape the most effective content in the future. For more tips on how to make automation work for your outreach efforts, check out this post.

Social media outreach is a great way to make connections now that can become leads and customers in the future. But there is an art to making the outreach seem authentic and not too salesy. When you look to engage with others from a place of sharing knowledge rather than asking for a favor, that’s the best way to ensure that your outreach efforts will be well received.

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