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Breakthrough Training Series – Point Pricing Model with Paul Roetzer


photo credit: Money_020 via photopin (license)

Lately at Duct Tape Marketing, we’ve been really trying to figure out the best way to create value for our clients and consultants by packaging products and services into easy-to-integrate plans. Because of this emphasis, we were especially interested in talking with Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20 about his innovative points-pricing system.

Because marketing has evolved into a technology-focused industry, there is talent gap between technology experts and marketing experts. Organizations are turning more and more to outside marketing experts to implement their strategies. With value-based pricing, the marketing team can chase results for their clients rather than hourly quotas.

Paul has tested and tried various ways to eliminate the hourly fees usually negotiated between agencies and their clients, and knows that transparency is the key to a successful value-based pricing plan. He’s evolved his value-based pricing into marketing contracts that are based solely on purchasing a number of points per month. Each marketing tactic is assigned a point value based on the time and level of involvement, and then purchased points are allotted toward those marketing tactics. When the purchased points have all been allotted, the marketing plan is complete for the month.

Although he says the system hasn’t been perfected yet, Paul’s seen a vast improvement in productivity and results for clients. Listen in and learn more about Paul Roetzer’s results over hours pricing strategy.