The Benefits of Partnering with Duct Tape Marketing


Why recreate the wheel - we’ve developed the tools, templates, and processes to get you up and running to make more money fast.


Discover the full benefits of membership in the Network

The Membership Overview guide lists the details of each of the many benefits of membership in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

Network members acquire a complete consulting success system including:

  • Access to cobrandable eBooks and forms
  • Complete lead generation funnels
  • Done for you marketing services packages
  • Live, virtual and in-person events and training
  • Mentoring from like-minded consultants
  • Systems, templates, samples and resources


Market more and sell more

Let us help you take your unique approach and amplify it to get you in front of more of the right leads - the kind that view marketing as an investment, not an expense. Lead conversion can become a profitable activity when done right.


Offer managed marketing retainer packages

The key to profitability is to get very, very efficient at delivering results. Managed marketing packages allow you to create concise deliverables - oh, and did we mention, you’ll be able to charge more for everything you do?


Manage and scale your practice

Once you start to generate a sufficient number of leads and clients you quickly unearth another set of problems. Scaling a practice requires people, processes, resources, and systems. Let us help you scale without adding overhead.

When you partner with Duct Tape Marketing

Let us help you focus on building your business - partnering with Duct Tape Marketing is like getting an overnight injection of resources, talent, and tools.

Resource Library


Equip yourself with the resources, tools, and knowledge that will enable you to grow and scale your business.

Partner Promotions


A collection of software discounts and promotions designed for Duct Tape Marketing Partners will give you an extra boost in building your client pipeline.

Package Offerings


You'll have the rights to sell and install managed marketing service packages on a monthly retainer basis.

Partner Community


You'll instantly gain a network of like-minded business owners to act as a sounding board, mentor, and collaborator.

Activated Website


If you like, we'll build you a complete WordPress site complete with all of the lead generation and conversion tools our consultants use every day.

Partner Cerifications


Get the training and resources to help execute on your business’s vision from Duct Tape Marketing’s Academy courses.

You’ll come for the tools, but you’ll stay for the network

Many people are initially attracted to the network based on the wide array of tools available the day they join - things like a complete marketing system and methodology, processes, forms, checklists, lead funnels, and lead magnets.

But, they stay (some for many years) because of the support, coaching, assistance and relationships they build with the many generous and caring members of the Duct Tape Marketing Partner Network.

"I wish I had joined the network ten years ago! The value of the ongoing learning, the access to Partners, and the access to experienced consultants have cut my learning curve by at least two years. Joining the Duct Tape Marketing Network is one of the best professional choices I've ever made. And, I'm having fun helping my clients on my own schedule."

Dean Heasley, Nashville Marketing Systems

“Words cannot express my excitement about having the opportunity to join this group and partner with John and other marketing consultants across the globe. Admittedly, I decided to join the network to have access to the system and the tools, but I was blown away by the quality of the consultants in the network. The level of collaboration, knowledge and camaraderie is my experience. Joining the network was one of the best business decisions I made."

Karin Kraska, Forlight Marketing

"The Duct Tape Marketing training workshop provides you with incredible value. You will learn first hand how to provide real value for your clients with a thorough marketing system that is adaptable to all industry categories. The training and the system are practical, useful and cutting edge. John and his team genuinely care and are there to help you and your business succeed. I highly recommend this program for anyone that is considering it. It will be one the best business decisions you have made.”

Patrick Whalen, Extension Marketing

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