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The Duct Tape Marketing System

The big idea of Duct Tape Marketing is pretty simple – Marketing Is a System

From that point of view, and the humble beginnings of one consultant trying to change the reality of small business – we’ve developed what is arguably the largest brand in the world of small business globally.

The reason the Duct Tape brand has gathered acceptance around the globe is that at the core we address one of the most fundamentally broken aspects of small business by applying a system.

The graphic below is the results of working with thousands of small business owners and marketers and represents perhaps the most simplified view of marketing ever created.


Duct Tape Marketing System

Our Foundation

Before we ever determine if Facebook Ads are better than Instagram Ads we must build a foundation.

Strategy must come before tactics and content is the voice of strategy.

The customer journey to purchase is no longer a straight line. As marketers, we must find a way to guide the customer on the journey they want to take.

When we use the tools we’ve developed over the last decade we can create an effective marketing foundation and from there accurately and confidently suggest the tools and tactics that create growth for our clients.

Thdtmbooke Complete Duct Tape Point of View

The complete foundation described above and the entire Duct Tape Marketing System is found in the best selling small business classic – Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide.