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7 Unknown Apps that Can Enhance your Content Marketing

7 Unknown Apps that Can Enhance your Content Marketing

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Content marketing has become the go-to strategy for brands to reach out to their users to promote their product and services. It is a proven strategy for businesses of all size and is used to increase traffic, generate leads, engage with users, and creating brand awareness. However, with the increasing use of this strategy by brands it has become difficult to hold the attention of your users. A staggering 2 million blogs are written every day and it’s easy to get lost in this flood of content.

Luckily there are some really cool apps that can help to keep you on top of your content marketing game. In this post, we will discover these unknown apps and see how they can help in devising an epic content marketing strategy.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a must have tool for all writers. Content marketing mainly depends on the content that you create and one can write a great blog post with the help of this app. It’s a great writing tool that can tell you if a sentence if too complex if a content piece has grammatical errors if a word can be replaced it will let you know and a lot more. Hemingway app is easy to use free software that can make your blog piece shine. While using this app one can also get better at writing by simply using the app.  There is a desktop version available too.

Hemingway App

Google Docs

Google Doc is a great tool to write great content and collaborate with other team members. In addition to basic capabilities of a writing editor, Google doc comes with a lot of great features and add-ons which can really help in producing great content. With Google docs, a write doesn’t need to worry about saving a draft as it comes with autosave and one can traverse back and see all changes. A google doc is accessible over the internet and is available all the time doesn’t matter if you are working on a mac, windows, or at home, office or someplace totally remote. And it goes without saying that it’s totally free to use! It is also possible to use Google docs offline, so one doesn’t have to worry about not having internet access to work.


Doesn’t it happen often that you come across a great article or video but you don’t have time to watch it? The Pocket app is a useful tool to save resources like articles, videos etc. to check out later. While researching for blog posts a lot of content resources are needed to be read carefully and used in the article. The Pocket app can help in saving these resources from a variety of websites and apps so that one can consume them at a later time. It’s easy to use and free to use.


A complete content marketing solution, Clearvoice comes with epic features like trend prediction, content analysis, and finding freelancers too! In any content marketing strategy, it is important to understand what content to write, who is going to write that content and how that content can be amplified so that it reaches more and more people. With Clearvoice one can even get a suggestion on the freelancer that would be suited for a campaign. Users of Clearvoice can collaborate on tasks with internal and external teams, automate payments to freelancers and distribute content on platforms like WordPress and Hubspot. This tool is not free to use and have paid plans for all kinds of users.


The biggest problem content marketers face after writing good content, is figuring out ways to promote and amplify the content. A lot of brands want an action-oriented content marketing strategy where they can generate leads and ask users to take affirmative actions. Outbrain is a content distribution and promotion network which can distribute content to a wide variety of audience. Brands can carefully craft content and run a targeted campaign on Outbrain to promote that content. Outbrain is a basically a widget that publishers install on their websites so that content from an ad campaign can be shown as suggested sponsored content to readers of that publishers. Outbrain recommends a brand’s content to readers of biggest publishers in the world like CNN and ESPN. This is a paid service and they charge on the basis of impressions. It is possible to fix your budget and see how a particular content is performing and then take actions accordingly.


Content marketing doesn’t mean only creating long blog posts. Engaging content needs to be informative and visually appealing. This is where tools like Visme come to the rescue. All text heavy content needs to be represented in a manner that makes it easily digestible to the end user. Visme comes with great features to produce visually appealing content. It’s possible to create presentations, infographics, reports, product wireframes, and web content with Visme. They offer a freemium model with options to upgrade to premium plans with more features and capabilities to collaborate with different teams.


For any brand, it’s important to understand what content is trending and getting traction in their space. Buzzsumo is an analytics-driven tool to gain great insights about trending content and influencers. It’s a great tool to discover great insights about what content to write and how to make viral titles for your posts. While researching what content to write Buzzsumo can help you in figuring out what buzzwords are trending, what kind of content people are liking and sharing to create awesome posts. One can even find influencers who are the best fit to promote your content and get the right kind of buzz for a campaign. It’s not free to use but one can demo the product for free to see if it’s something worth their time and money.

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